Speakap Secures Rising Star Award of Fall 2023 As Outstanding Internal Communications Software

December 11 15:18 2023

An increasing number of companies are opting in for internal communications software to improve their internal communications. As the demands of the modern workforce are evolving, these tools play a crucial role when it comes to enabling employees for effective communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing among one another.

Speakap’s employee communications software connects HQ to frontline employees with an easy-to-use, mobile-first branded app. The employee experience platform was awarded the Rising Star Award in the Fall 2023 Customer Success Report for Internal Communications Software. This recognition is a testament to Speakap’s dedication to transforming workplace communication dynamics and fostering communication among frontline employees.

How retail & manufacturing companies use internal communications software 

The success of Speakap in the realm of internal communications software is not just reflected in its Rising Star Award but also resonates in the testimonials from esteemed collaborators across various industries such as retail and manufacturing amongst others.

Connecting 3 brands in 5 countries through 1 internal communication software

“Speakap helps us stay connected to our employees. They are the ones who are in direct contact with the customers and they help us respond to opportunities that arise. This keeps us agile which of course is essential in Retail.”
Sanne Oosterhoff, Group Operations Director at Nexeye

Nexeye uses Speakap’s internal communications software to:

–  Streamline real-time communication between colleagues through mobile and web.
–  Ensure that staff can connect in their own language and share customs, creating an environment that’s recognizable, safe and relevant.
–  Facilitate the sharing of success stories about consumers, and to receive feedback from the frontline – helping the company stay agile and flexible.
–  To keep sight of ongoings in stores and better serve customers.

Manage complex workforce from head office seamlessly

“It’s a huge advantage to be able to reach specific employees in just one click. I never thought how challenging but necessary that is until we grew our supply chain to this complexity.“
Romina Adler, Digital Communications Manager – Phoenix

Phoenix uses Speakap’s internal communications software to:

–  Broadcast HQ standard operational procedures.
–  Share concrete plans, and watch how responses from the warehouse teams spark interesting discussions that ultimately help to improve standard processes.
–  Gather valuable feedback more often to funnel back to the right stakeholders.

These testimonials offer only a glimpse into the positive impact of Speakap’s internal communication software. As Speakap continues to redefine the landscape of internal communications software, these voices from industry leaders affirm its pivotal role in enhancing frontline workforce connectivity and efficiency.

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