Eco-friendly Design, Smart Innovation for Future -Industrial Design Empowering Industrial Upgrading & City Development

September 25 19:07 2023

Industrial design is the key part of an enterprise to increase product variety, improve product quality and build a brand, and also an important measure to promote the transformation from “made in China” to “created in China”, from “China speed” to “China quality” as well as from “Chinese product” to “Chinese brand”. Hebei provincial committee of the CPC and provincial government pay high attention to the innovative development of industrial design. Various methods have been taken since 2017, which include establishing institutions, formulating mechanisms and polices, increasing supports, strengthening coordination and promoting implementation. Therefore, from 0 to 1, from slow to accelerating and from following to leading, Hebei industrial design achieves advanced development and forms a new transforming-upgrading pattern through design innovation promoting technique innovation, high-level design empowering high-quality development and “made in Hebei” transforming to “created in Hebei”.

Hebei province establishes a “one-week-one-competition” platform, i.e. Hebei International Industrial Design Week (HIDW) and Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA), in order to on one hand link industrial design both at home and abroad rapidly, assemble excellent design resources and promote deep cooperation between global design and Hebei industry, on the other hand convey China’s design voice to the world, improve cultural confidence and the international influence of China design and enable Hebei enterprises to reach world top design services at home. HIDW 2023 was held in Xiongan New Area, Hebei province, China on September 22, 2023. It held more than 10 professional design activities and 8000㎡exhibition, making participants feel the charm of smart innovation and eco-friendly design.

As a high-end brand activity established by Hebei province, HIDW has been held 6 times in Xiongan New Area consecutively, which attracts altogether 1500 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions and exhibits 14,000 high-quality design products from around the world, and has an important influence in industrial design and other related fields. HIDW 2023 was held from September 22 to 28 and its topic was “eco-friendly design, smart innovation for future”. The 4th GIDA award ceremony and award-winning works exhibition were also held during this period so as to enrich the “one-week-one-competition” layout. The 4th GIDA received in total 6596 entries from 2580 enterprises and public institutions, design companies and individuals, and exhibited more than 100 high-quality design works which would also exhibit in London Design Festival for promoting the international exchange and cooperation in design industry.

The key feature of HIDW 2023 is leading child-friendly city building by design, which is based on assembling global design resources, empowering “made in Hebei” by design and “made in China” transforming and upgrading. At the opening ceremony of HIDW 2023, Xiongan New Area fully displayed “child-friendly city building Xiongan scheme” to the society and issued current achievements and future scenes. FENG Changhong, director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center and CEO of Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute, delivered a keynote speech, expressing that “In HIDW 2023, we are going to assemble global design resources and explore a “Xiongan path” of child-friendly city building in order to make this city much warmer, much more charming, much more childlike and much more expectable.”


HIDW aims at “industrial design promoting industrial innovation and empowering high-quality economic development” in the past six years. At the horizontal dimension, HIDW holds industrial design innovation achievement exhibitions, Xiongan Design Forum, and international new product launch events, etc. to establish an international, high-end and professional exchange platform. At the longitudinal dimension, HIDW adopts “1+N” pattern and sets its main venue in Xiongan New Area and branch venues in other cities of Hebei so as to introduce global top design resources around Hebei through those events. Leading by innovation technology and empowering by eco-friendly design, a new opportunity follows the current new revolution. Taking the opportunity of HIDW, the “future city” Xiongan will persist in promoting the development of industrial intellectualization, greenization and integration, and making a warm city where people live and work in peace and contentment and where dreams come true.

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