Born To Rally Is Making Pickleball Jewelry More Fashionable Than Ever Before

September 15 20:30 2023
Elevating passion, Born to Rally’s Pickleball Jewelry redefines style.

The burgeoning interest in pickleball has transcended the confines of sports courts, finding a new canvas for expression in jewelry. Born to Rally, a trailblazing jewelry brand, proudly unveils its exclusive line of custom-made, high-quality, versatile, comfortable, and lightweight pickleball jewelry, catering to the vibrant and growing community of pickleball enthusiasts nationwide.

Pickleball, often likened to a harmonious blend of ping-pong, badminton, and tennis, has rapidly risen to prominence as one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. With nearly six decades since its invention, pickleball’s allure has never been more potent. The Association of Pickleball Players reveals that a staggering 36.5 million individuals in the U.S. engaged in pickleball in 2022, showcasing its widespread appeal transcending age and background.

Kristina Tamas, Founder of Born to Rally.

Kristina Tamas, a visionary leader with an unwavering passion for pickleball, founded Born to Rally with a clear and compelling purpose. Drawing from over 15 years of experience in jewelry design and crafting, Tamas harnessed her love for the sport and jewelry-making artistry to establish a brand that resonates deeply with the pickleball community. Her firsthand understanding of the joy and camaraderie that pickleball fosters enabled her to craft a collection that captures the essence of the sport.

Born to Rally is more than just a jewelry brand; it’s a dynamic community united by a shared love for pickleball. Kristina Tamas explains, “We are more than just a brand; we are a community brought together by our shared passion for pickleball. That is why we are committed to supporting local pickleball organizations. We believe our success is tied to the sport’s success, and we want to do everything we can to help it grow and thrive.”

Born to Rally’s product range features an array of unique pickleball accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, charms, keychains, and more, and is meticulously designed and crafted in the USA using high-quality materials. The brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in every piece, reflecting pickleball enthusiasts’ dedication and passion for their beloved sport.

Client Testimonials:

“I’ve been a pickleball enthusiast for years, and when I discovered Born to Rally’s pickleball bracelets, I was thrilled. The attention to detail and quality of the craftsmanship are exceptional. I purchased a bracelet featuring a pickleball paddle charm, and not only is it a beautiful accessory but it reminds me of the sport I love every time I wear it. Born to Rally truly understands the spirit of pickleball, and their bracelets are a perfect way to show off my passion for the game.”

“I’ve always wanted a piece of jewelry representing my love for pickleball. Born to Rally’s pickleball necklaces exceeded my expectations. I chose a necklace with a delicate pendant, which becomes a conversation starter whenever I wear it. Thank you, Born to Rally; I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.”

Emphasizing accessibility, Born to Rally’s exceptional jewelry pieces are affordably priced, underscoring the brand’s dedication to making its products accessible to all pickleball enthusiasts. Furthermore, the brand offers complimentary nationwide shipping on orders over $75, typically delivered within 1-2 business days (excluding production time), depending on the destination.

As the pickleball phenomenon continues its remarkable ascent, Born to Rally stands at the forefront, offering enthusiasts a unique and stylish way to express their devotion to the sport. With its stunning collection of custom-made pickleball jewelry, the brand symbolizes the intersection of passion, craftsmanship, and community that defines pickleball itself.

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