Introducing the World’s First Fully Automatic Toothbrush: Sonic Brush

September 15 20:05 2023
Nicknamed “The Toothbrush of the 21st Century”, the device delivers dentist-approved cleaning in just 30 seconds.

In a groundbreaking advancement for dental hygiene, Sonic Brush is thrilled to unveil the world’s first fully automatic toothbrush. This revolutionary device enables users to achieve dentist-approved teeth cleaning in under 30 seconds, effortlessly elevating daily routines while adhering to the widely accepted BASS cleaning method.

The Sonic Brush Research Center embarked on its mission to develop a groundbreaking toothbrushing solution after over 350 clinical trials by the German Dental Association confirmed the advantages of electric toothbrushes over manual ones. Conducted between 1994 and 2015, these trials revealed a 17% reduction in gum bleeding among electric toothbrush users, along with healthier gums, fewer instances of tooth decay, and more enduring whitening effects.

“Two years of relentless research, development, and rigorous testing have culminated in this moment. We’re excited to introduce a next-generation toothbrush that enables smarter, more efficient, and faster brushing,” said Ethan Williams, the company spokesperson. “This is the future of dental hygiene, and we’re proud to be leading the way.”

The Problem with Traditional Toothbrushes

Traditional manual toothbrushes often fail to provide comprehensive cleaning, leaving behind plaque and bacteria that can lead to various dental issues. Busy adults find it challenging to dedicate the dentist-recommended 2 to 3 minutes for brushing, while younger, less experienced brushers often miss hard-to-reach areas.

The Sonic Brush Solution

Engineered to overcome these limitations, the Sonic Brush features a U-shaped head and soft, angled bristles for comprehensive cleaning. It offers convenience for busy adults and assists younger, less experienced brushers in achieving thorough cleaning. “The design is focused on user experience, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or brushing habits, can benefit from the technology” added Williams.

How It Works

The patented Sonic Brush device boasts a unique 360-degree design that cleans all teeth simultaneously at the push of a button, completing the task in less than 30 seconds.

Once positioned in the mouth, the Sonic Brush utilizes thousands of vibrations to gently cleanse teeth. Its silicone bristles, angled at 45 degrees, effectively combat germs and gingival issues, mimicking the dentist-endorsed BASS horizontal scrubbing technique.

What Sets It Apart

The Sonic Brush ensures deeper cleaning and healthier gums compared to traditional toothbrushes, removing up to 100% more plaque. An antibacterial silicone layer helps maintain a balanced oral microbiome, keeping bad breath at bay. ” The Sonic Brush is not just about cleaning; it’s about promoting overall oral health,” said Williams.

What’s Included

Each Sonic Brush package includes a lightweight core device with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 uses. Also included are a replaceable mouthpiece, charging station, USB cable, and user manual. The handheld portion is available in various colors for adults and features four panda-face designs for children. Optional accessories include a disinfection box and replacement mouthpieces. For optimal cleanliness, the brand recommends changing the mouthpiece every 6-9 months.

The Sonic Brush team invites everyone to “elevate their oral care” and experience the confidence and well-being that come from a thoroughly cleaned and sanitized mouth. “‘The team believes that the Sonic Brush will set a new standard in dental care, making the old-fashioned way of brushing a thing of the past” concluded Williams.

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About Sonic Brush

Sonic Brush is a trailblazing dental hygiene company committed to transforming the way people clean their teeth. The products combine rigorous scientific research, innovative design, and user-friendly features to deliver unparalleled dental care solutions. Driven by the belief that a smile can change the world, the team at Sonic Brush aims to deliver confidence and health to everyone, one smile at a time.

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