TREVA’s Chemical-Free Bug Fan Provides Effective and Portable Insect Repellant in Time for Summer Fun

June 10 01:30 2023
Enjoy summer fun outdoors with TREVA’s holographic blade fan fly deterrent.

TREVA, a leading provider of innovative cooling products, introduces a game-changing solution for banishing bugs from the airspace: the Treva Chemical-Free Bug Fan. Say goodbye to citronella soap, mosquito zappers, and fly swatters. This portable and battery-powered fan keeps bugs, mosquitoes, and flies at bay, providing uninterrupted peace both indoors and outdoors.

Featuring a unique holographic pattern on its blades, the Treva Bug Fan creates an environment that insects refuse to approach. The blades bend the light, causing refraction and an unnatural visual effect that bugs instinctively avoid. Additionally, the fan blades are designed to stop immediately upon contact with any object, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

With constant speed, the Treva Bug Fan clears the air without the need for salt guns, sticky traps, or bug zappers. Simply switch on the fan, and enjoy the outdoors in peace. This chemical-free alternative to bug sprays and insecticides is environmentally friendly and perfect for use anywhere.

TREVA’s commitment to convenient portability is evident in the Bug Fan’s design. Lightweight and cordless, this fan can be easily moved from room to room or taken on the go. “Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, camping in the wilderness, or simply relaxing on your porch, the Treva Chemical-Free Bug Fan ensures a pest-free environment,” said the company representative.

Join the growing number of satisfied customers who have experienced the effectiveness of TREVA’s bug deterrent. The Treva Bug Fan was selected as one of PEOPLE Magazine’s Products Worth the Hype in 2022. Discover the article on to learn more about this innovative solution.

Founded in 1992, TREVA is dedicated to providing high-quality cooling products that offer comfort and convenience. With a focus on portability, TREVA stands apart from other cooling companies, allowing users to bring the comforts of home wherever they need them. Trust TREVA to keep the whole family comfortable year-round with their battery-operated and USB-powered devices.

To experience the convenience and effectiveness of TREVA’s Chemical-Free Bug Fan, visit their website at or find it on Amazon at Embrace the outdoors without worrying about bugs, and make summer fun even more enjoyable with TREVA’s bug-repellant solution.


TREVA, established in 1992, is a company driven by a passion for inventive cooling solutions and the freedom of living cord-free. Its mission is to bring the comforts of home to any location. With a focus on portability, TREVA stands out among cooling companies, offering high-quality products that ensure customer comfort throughout the year. Inspired by its name, which means “home by the sea,” its products provide the same refreshing comfort as an ocean breeze. Whether battery-operated or USB-powered, TREVA’s innovative designs are built to deliver optimal performance. With TREVA, convenience and portability are paramount, ensuring comfort wherever it is needed.

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