Explore a Range of Fiber Optic and Hybrid Cables at Linden Photonics Inc.

June 09 20:54 2023
Global access to STFOC products harmonizing strength and flexibility becomes easy with the U.S. based company Linden Photonics Inc.

June 9, 2023 – Fiber optics cables have revolutionized the world with their extensive benefits. They find applications in the commercial and domestic sectors. Today, multiple innovations continue regarding the usage and optimization of fiber optic cables. Linden Photonics Inc. is one of the frontrunners in developing and introducing a high-quality and innovative optical cable product range for critical applications like communication buoy, hybrid remotely operated vehicles (HROV), and demanding torpedo guidance suitable for military, oil & gas, commercial telecommunications, and sensor sectors. 

Linden Photonics Inc. features products like Fiber Optic Cable, Drone Tether, Underwater Cable, Buoyant Cable, ROV Tether, Hybrid Cable, and Singlemode Fiber Optic. Their products are known for combining opposing ideas like strength and flexibility and provide a miniature product range with high performance. The company is the innovator of STFOC products that utilize innovative novel jacket materials and manufacturing processes with low cost, ensuring high-reliability functioning in critical environments.

The company utilizes patented LCP Technology to manufacture complex and single channels and patented optical cables. These copper conductors essential for power-related applications and fiber cables essential for applications involving communications are available in different size ranges and cable shapes. 

Their hybrid and specialty copper cables find applications in critical environments requiring compact size. Their quasi-hermetic and radiation-resistant products find applications in aerospace, defense, drones and aerostats, entertainment, marine or subsea, oil and gas, marine research, Remotely Operated Vehicle, and Robotics. Their fiber optic cables suitable for avionics function efficiently in extremely rigorous environments.

Their RadHard fiber optic cables are perfect for applications requiring robust fiber optic links, especially in harsh and high-radiation environments. The company provides varieties of cable constructions per specific requirements, including its patented Non-KinkTM cable. The engineers at Linden also design custom cables per customer’s application. These custom-engineered cables offer extensive performance and come with extensive benefits. 

Some of the notable advantages of Linden’s product range involve long continuous cable lengths up to 50 km, and hermetic coating for protecting the fiber from moisture, hydrogen, and helium, non-metallic properties, abrasion resistance, crush-proof, high resistance to high hydrostatic pressure, thin, buoyant, light weight, strength, and flexibility.

Linden Photonics Inc. offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for fiber optic cables, specifically designed to meet the demands of critical applications and operate reliably in extreme conditions. As a renowned global manufacturer and stockist of fiber optic cables and STFOC products, Linden maintains a vast inventory and sets a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of approximately 300m for fiber cables. 

About Linden Photonics Inc

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, Linden Photonics Inc. is a trailblazing company dedicated to driving innovation in cable technologies for the U.S. Department of Defense and advanced technology firms on a global scale. As industry leaders, Linden specializes in the design of high-strength, miniature optical fiber, specialty, and hybrid copper cables that excel in high-performance and compact-size environments. With a client base spanning 24 nations across all seven continents, Linden Photonics Inc. provides an extensive range of products suitable for applications ranging from aerospace to marine industries, offering a plethora of design options and customization capabilities.

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