Building Beverage Brands Made Easy with Drink Labs

March 15 21:37 2023
Helping start-up brands fast track the process of developing a beverage

Everyone enjoys a good drink— from sodas, juices, to alcoholic mixes, the options are endless. It is no wonder that more and more budding entrepreneurs are interested in entering the beverage industry. However, starting a beverage brand from scratch does not happen overnight. In fact, it follows a rigorous process that requires years of experience. Fortunately, Drink Labs is here to make things easier by helping fast track the process of developing a new beverage.

Drink Labs is the perfect partner for businesses who are looking to start a beverage of their own. Located in Sunny Sothern California, the team at Drink Labs is committed to helping entrepreneurs find the perfect drink for their brand from concept to shelf. They ensure that they work closely with each client by providing them the support, attention, and consulting they need to efficiently launch a beverage brand that stands out in the market.

Custom beverage formulation is the expertise of Drink Labs. With their functional team of beverage scientists, graphic designers, and operation specialists, every brand’s beverage idea can come to life. Whether that be flavored teas, carbonated drinks, wines, coffee, juices, cocktails, coffees, energy and electrolyte drinks, and even kombucha, their group of experts can deliver.

Overall, Drink Labs has a combined experience of over 50 years in the product development scene. Interested clients who would like to work with them can maximize their in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art technology. Most especially, every start-up who chooses to create a brand with Drink Labs is assured to have 100% ownership of formulation and brand assets.

While the entire beverage development is a long and tedious process, Drink Labs has streamlined it into five steps for efficiency: Beverage Idea, Ingredient Sourcing, Formulation, Production, and Design. Of course, every product that we see in the market today started with a simple idea. Drink Labs has a team of their own food scientists and chemists who will be responsible for sourcing high quality ingredients from respected vendors across the United States. After ingredient sourcing comes the exciting part which is formulation and production. Once the final product is finished, the team will figure out the ideal packaging options considering the shelf life and the formula of the beverage made. And finally, design is where the magic happens— seeing the idea come to life for the first time.

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Drink Labs is a company dedicated to help start-up brands fast track the process of developing a beverage.

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