God Wants Your Shoes: The Journey Back, A Distinctive Journey That Sheds Light On The Power Of God And His Wisdom, By Michael John Marta

March 15 13:04 2023
God Wants Your Shoes: The Journey Back, A Distinctive Journey That Sheds Light On The Power Of God And His Wisdom, By Michael John Marta

Are you lost? Then you might have needed a little support!

Life is about change and transformation. And specifically, when unexpected circumstances hit us, we often think of life as baseless—and start to move away from our beliefs, religion, and sometimes the foremost controller of this universe and beyond—God.

But ask yourself. Is this the ultimate solution for peace and harmony? Is this the only thing that can displace you from your harsh reality? Precisely not; you need to learn to be back on track and reconnect to God before it is too late. And this book by Michael John Marta will help you to attain it.

God Wants your Shoes: The Journey Back will highlight the bitter yet sweet journey of Michael in an alluring and surprising way. The remarkable book will shed light on the miracles, wisdom, and devotion of God.

It shows how God—the ultimate ruler of this world and beyond, is always there to help you, no matter what, whether you want him or not, He is there to assist you in the darkest time of your life.

The book will showcase how Michael became a soulful teacher of Jesus and God and understood that God is the ultimate medium for peace after he called himself an Atheist for many years. The book will showcase the power of God’s love and devotion to humankind. It will answer why you need God’s assistance to prosper in life and how God rescues you amid your depressing times in unexpected ways.

Michael wants readers to know that they are not alone and that God is always there and will assist them in multiple ways if they try to reach out to Him.

And the same purpose of this magnificent book was highlighted by one Amazon publishing editor who said, ”I want to congratulate you on a very well-written book. The stories you wrote are very moving….and how they felt the presence of God are beautiful

Another satisfied buyer named G Andreson also praises Michael’s book by mentioning “when I read the last page I got misty-eyed…I want to order at least a dozen copies for my family and friends

The book will also feature angels, miracles, and many more ways of healing that God showed Michael to be able to recognize how good and powerful He is, and God wants to do the same to everyone. Just like He assisted Michael when he thought of nothing but pain, disappointment, and discouragement. He does not want you to suffer in vain and wants you to prosper in life.

About the author:

Michael was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, into a Christian home. When his mom died at age 13, he rejected his Christian beliefs and became an Atheist for many years. After high school, Michael landed on a very dangerous but high-paying job. Even though he did not believe in God and his wisdom, he did not know that God performed miracles that saved him from a discourteous death and disaster. This incident made him realize how good God is and he started selling Christian book door to door and ended up writing this book to inspire and further enlighten the readers.

So do get your hand on the book. The book is available on Amazon for purchase!

Book Name: God Wants Your Shoes…: The Journey Back
Author Name: Michael John Marta
ISBN Number: 978-1087983493
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