A Competent Tehran Singer And Music Producer Amir Fakhaari Captivates Attention With His Pop Music

February 15 22:33 2023

The artist has established a solid fan base due to his exceptional musical talent.

Born on December 12, 1993, Mohammad Amir Fakhari is a highly-skilled and zealous singer, songwriter, composer, musician, and actor. Known for his unique and exciting pop music, the artist has captivated fans with his back-to-back hits and commendable performances. With an obsession to rule over the music industry, Amir Fakhaari started playing musical instruments in 2010, including guitar and piano.

Being inclined towards the music industry since his early years, Amir Fakhaari started developing his musical skills while taking part in musical activities in the fields of singing, composing, arranging, and sound engineering in pop and electronic styles. Using his skills and learning experience, the artist stepped into the singing world in 2019 and has composed many pop songs since then. Over the years, Amir Fakhaari’s music has gained popularity across the globe for its thrilling music beats and unique lyrics. He has been lauded for composing many songs in the Iranian pop style, enchanting fans and keeping them hooked to exciting musical beats.

“I was born in Bandar Anzali and moved to the UK when I was 17. In London, I went to college and studied Composing. I eventually started singing again, but this time with more of a Pop feel than classical Iranian music and luckily established a large fan base. I have always strived to give my best to my fans and create unique and thrilling musical content. I have not released many of my music releases and wish to release an album in the future,” shares the pop and R&B artists.

Amir Fakhaari has released a few singles, including ‘Sahel’ and ‘Hichi Nagoo,’ which became massive hits, enabling him to gain worldwide recognition and popularity. The pop king and the R&B artist have diligently tried to conquer his dreams of becoming a renowned music artist. Being an independent artist, Amir Fakhaari faced several setbacks but stayed determined to achieve his dreams and reach the heights of success. 

Besides having an exuberant audience, the artist has also gained popularity on social media and strives to stay in touch with his fans on Instagram. 

For more details, click on the website https://amirfakhaari.com/.

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