Private Equity Firms Ramp Up Acquisitions of Digital Marketing Agencies

February 15 16:02 2023

The business world has been abuzz with news of private equity firms rapidly acquiring digital marketing agencies. This trend has gained momentum in recent years, specifically after COVID, with a number of large firms scooping up smaller, specialized agencies at high valuations.

The rush to acquire digital marketing agencies is driven in part by the increasing competition in the industry as firms seek to scale up their portfolio companies quickly to achieve growth and profitability.

One of the key drivers of private equity interest in digital marketing agencies is the potential for quick revenue enhancement through lead generation and other digital marketing techniques. This has become especially important in the current climate as investors seek to maximize returns within a relatively short time frame. As a result, firms are willing to pay a high multiple on deals, and specialized digital marketing agencies are in high demand.

One recent acquisition by private equity firm BlueWave Capital Partners was a digital marketing and advertising business with plans to “rapidly scale” the agency.

Garrett Johnson, COO at BlueWave Capital Partners, said the goal is to make their acquisition “a leader in the digital marketing industry while also applying their services to their own portfolio.”

Looking ahead, it seems likely that the trend of private equity firms acquiring digital marketing agencies will continue. The growth potential of the marketing industry, coupled with the attractive financial returns that can be achieved, makes these agencies an appealing investment opportunity for private equity firms.

Boutique agencies seem to appreciate the attention too.

“Of course, being able to reach companies and c-suite executives is something we were not able to do before.” Sam Dageeg, CMO of digital marketing firm Write Good Code, agreed. “While assisting PE firms, we are also exposed to other markets we wouldn’t previously have an opportunity to work with, so it’s a win for everyone involved.”

As more digital marketing agencies like Write Good Code are acquired by private equity firms, there is potential for further consolidation in the industry. This could lead to a smaller number of larger agencies dominating the market, which may have implications

for competition and pricing. It is also possible that we will see more mergers and acquisitions between larger digital marketing agencies as they seek to compete with the growing influence of private equity-backed firms.

Overall, the trend of private equity firms buying digital marketing agencies shows that private equity is becoming more important in the marketing business. It is important to keep a close eye on how this trend affects the marketing business as a whole. As the market continues to evolve and mature, it will be interesting to see how private equity firms navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital marketing space.

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