Arbitrum project DeshGame received 1.9 million USD cornerstone round of financing

February 15 20:51 2023

 On February 15th, the Arbitrum network ecological project DeshGame tweeted that it had completed a cornerstone round of financing of about 1.9 million USD. This round of financing was funded by Pioneer Ventures, Angel Digital Finance, Super Game Fund, Gaming Engine Foundation, High Digital Ventures  to complete together.

 The funds from this round of financing will be used for market promotion and the development of subsequent multiplayer online gameplay and other functions. The CEO of Angel Digital Finance said that the reason why they chose DeshGame is that they have come into contact with the DeshGame team a long time ago, and have learned about it a long time ago.  I understand the future planning and direction of the game by the DeshGame team. The second is that the development trend of the Arbitrum network is getting better and better. At present, the Tvl of the Arbitrum network continues to grow. We are very optimistic about the future of Arbitrum. As the first DeshGame of the Arbitrum network, we are also optimistic


 For extended information, DeshGame is a decentralized online casual game based on Arbitrum. Players can use the NFT items issued by the game to participate in the game. The game supports stand-alone and multiplayer online play. Players can obtain fish according to  quality to obtain corresponding rewards, and can use NFT to participate in the island war. After the launch of its island map, there are more ways to play waiting for players to explore.

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