The World’s Most Compact Complete Body by Veloré

February 14 05:23 2023
Whether one is an athlete, gym junkie, personal trainer, or recovering from injuries, weight training is the best way to get into shape. Veloré is proud to present its most innovative fitness product of the century.

The Veloré team proudly presents their most revolutionary exercise device, the Veloré Compact Gym. They describe it as a portable device that enables users to perform gym exercises whenever and wherever they want.

Their Veloré Compact Gym is a patented technology which provides the user with increasing resistance throughout the movement of the exercise, allowing them to burn calories and gain muscle, giving them the desired body definition.

“The fitness product of the century has arrived! We have invented the most revolutionary exercise device since Resistance Bands,” claims Nader Galil, founder at Veloré. “Our product is both highly effective and portable. Whether it is gaining muscle, toning your body, or burning fat, Veloré will assist you in achieving your goals,” he added.

Nader Galil is the founder and inventor of Veloré. He is a fitness enthusiast, behavioral coach, and nutritionist whose passion is to help people create pathways to positive change. Nader believes that fitness should be accessible to everyone and everywhere, regardless of income or access to a gym. His innovative lightweight, patented exercise device enables anyone to exercise anytime and from any location.

The Veloré team claims that their one-of-a-kind innovative exercise device performs all the exercises you would find in the gym. There are hundreds of exercises like:

–  Bench Press
–  Bicep Curls
–  Lat Pulldowns
–  Incline Presses, Fly’s, and Dips
–  Leg Curls

The Veloré Compact Gym user can exercise wherever they want:

–  An alternative to the gym
–  At their desk or workplace
–  During HIIT and F45 Classes
–  While walking or sitting on the couch- On Holidays

“With Veloré, because there’s no limitation on time or space, you can win back your precious time that would have been spent going to the gym. It has been measured that 1hr in the gym provides an average of 11min Time Under Tension. When you add another hour of getting changed, driving to and from the gym, finding a park, and waiting for equipment, you have used 2hrs of your precious time. Plus, you don’t have to use equipment that hundreds of others have touched before you,” states Nader.

Nader states that he worked for three years with Australian Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists to develop his innovative exercise product, and they all agreed that Veloré provides a higher quality resistance than both free weights and cable machines as it provides maximum resistance when the muscle is fully flexed and does not rely on gravity to provide resistance.

Veloré’s patented design is highly portable and is small enough to fit into the user’s laptop bag, and it has the following characteristics:

–  Weighs 4lb (under 2kg)
–  Has an easily adjustable resistance range of between 2-150lbs (1-70kg), making it ideal for all fitness levels
–  Performs both upper and lower body exercises
–  It is the only exercise device where the user can get a full upper-body workout while walking

“It is literally a gym in your bag!” says Nader.

For more information or to purchase, please get in touch with Veloré at the website below.

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