Best Real Estate Agents In Glendale Share What Helps The Buyer Get Their Offer Accepted

February 13 07:50 2023

Finding the dream home is a very difficult process for the real estate buyer. Multiple properties are often available with concessions to be made on decisions. Larger cities and markets might complicate matters considerably.

A buyer must position themselves for the best possible offer for a property. This means making their offer sweeter than the next best offer. Working this delicate balance can be difficult – this is where the services of a quality real estate agent come in.

Vic Markarian is a real estate selling agent in Glendale, CA. He and his team of Realtors have worked with many buyers and sellers, and have helped many buyers finding a dream home. They have found the perfect tools to help a buyer make their dream a reality.

“The secret is a personal touch. Many times, taking the time to do something as simple as penning a hand written letter to the buyer, can be that final touch to convince a seller to accept an offer. Quite often, it is not even the best offer, but because of this little token, the seller is willing to take the offer,” said Markarian, speaking as the leading Realtors Glendale, CA, has to offer.

Sometimes, a buyer mentioning how they promise to care for the home, be responsible neighbors and how they look forward to being a family in the new home, can be that final piece for the seller to make the decision.

Just recently, Vic’s buyer beat 12 offers and Vic saved buyer $60,000.

The Vic Markarian Group is proud to have been amongst the top Realtors in Glendale, California, for over 30 years with no sign of slowing down. Markarian himself has the highest rated brokerage in Glendale. More information, including available products are on the websites. Visit and to learn more.

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