Award-Winning Film Producer Yuchuan Cao Presents NFT X Jingliang Li Contest

February 11 01:01 2023
Yuchuan, known for her work on numerous award-winning and made-for-TV films on Lifetime, collaborates with LEECH LLC on the contest

Submissions judged in December from a global and eclectic pool of artists and will be reviewed by Yuchan Cao, one of the leading producers in film today.

Yuchuan Cao, a successful filmmaker with numerous awards to vet her work, vigilantly pursues opportunities to support the storytelling aspirations of others. For her, making films exceeds simple entertainment, Yuchuan wants to inspire. She achieves this through selecting projects that communicate powerful messages to an audience. Yuchuan has been recognized with many accolades including Best Producer Awards (Paris Film Awards, Jaisalmer International Film Festival) for her recent work on Muse. She’s known for her collaborations with many great directors such as Emmy and Telly Award-winning director Lane Shefter Bishop (on the films Temptation Under the Sun and Lifetime’s The Tryst). Even with recognitions from the industry and her peers, Yuchuan is always in search of different ways of creating stories and connecting with the inspirational core we all possess. This has led to her inclusion as a judge in the “NFT X Jingliang Li” Contest sponsored by The LEECH LLC.

The contest provides a worldwide platform for artists, content creators, and students to show their talents. As someone who understands quite well the struggle to establish one’s self in a creative industry, Ms. Cao is happy to contribute her wisdom to this contest. She communicates, “I am excited to see many young artists seize this opportunity to expose their spirit of art to the whole world. In life, when we pursue our dreams, there will be many challenging moments when self-discipline and perseverance are needed, and these are the same moments when Jingliang Li is in the ring and off the stage striving for his dream. Through the artwork of this contest, I want to encourage people to face challenges and gain the same indomitable spirit as Li in his boxing match.”

(Poster of NFT X Jingliang Li Contest)

The deadline for the contest is December 2nd of this year. Participants are asked to take inspiration from the portrait of the great Chinese mixed martial artist champion Jingliang Li. The artwork’s content may include but is not limited to Jingliang Li’s portrait. The theme may revolve around perseverance, striving, pursuit for dreams, or any other positive characteristics that can be related to Li. More than 10,000 entries have already been submitted with various cultural backgrounds and various interpretations of the theme.

Ms. Cao confirms that she is fascinated by the entries she has viewed thus far as they provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures and expand her own sense of art. As a filmmaker, the idea of commitment and tenacity in the face of adversity is very familiar to her own career path. She confesses, “Pursuing my filmmaking dream is never easy. Growing up in an Asian family, I have overcome many obstacles to achieve academic success and be enrolled in NYFA with a filmmaking major. As a young female Asian filmmaker, like many others, I needed to overcome language, cultural, ethnic, and other barriers to become who I am today. I will never let the struggle and so-called stereotypes slow me down. I guess this is why we say, ‘Life’s like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending.’ The submissions for this contest remind me that there are many creative paths and talent is not restricted by international borders.”

Though she will finish this year as a judge of the “NFT X Jingliang Li” Contest, next year will see Yuchuan Cao back to producing feature films in Miami and Louisiana (partnering with Emmy Award-winning director Sergio Vizuete – the latter of which will be distributed by Aloe Entertainment, before a stint on four made-for-TV films in Toronto. While she juggles a full schedule of projects, she feels a kinship with new talent like those vying for the recognition that winning the “NFT X Jingliang Li” Contest offers. Yuchuan declares, “You have to have multiple sources of income when you are starting out as a producer because the clients you have signed aren’t at a level where they are bringing major money in. You work your way up until your passion for your career is compensated but during this, you have to decide if you will compromise what you want to create with the money it brings in. I made a decision long ago to never compromise the kinds of stories I want to make regardless of how ‘the game’ functions.”

Yuchuan Cao, a successful filmmaker with numerous awards to vet her work, vigilantly pursues opportunities to support the storytelling aspirations of others. For her, making films exceeds simple entertainment, Yuchuan wants to inspire.

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