Transformation To Success: From Being A Homeless Addict To Motivational Speaker And Coach

February 11 00:22 2023

Kimberly Clark, founder of Motivation From The Heart, was once a person of strong faith with a passion for serving her country. A military sexual assault and a PTSD diagnosis led this Navy veteran to the streets, severely addicted to drugs and alcohol with only one thought in her mind – to find her next fix to numb the pain. 

After a decade of living on the streets and frequently being in and out of jail, Clark reached a point where she decided to turn her life around. Despite the significant challenges she faced,  Clark regained her lost faith. With strength and determination, she found a way to live out her dreams and achieve her goals – something many thought impossible given her circumstances.

Today, Clark is a Certified Peer Support Specialist for the Louisiana department of Health,  trauma recovery specialist, trauma informed coach, State Leader of the national non-profit organization Mission 22 and motivational speaker  and coach for women who have experienced their own traumas or have been stuck in negative patterns and emotional roadblocks for too long. Through her work as a coach, she helps women break free from their own limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and insecurities so they can start living their best lives.

Sharing her inspirational story, she believes that anyone can overcome trauma with the right coach and right therapy. She has helped hundreds of women make this realization by helping them face their fears head-on with courage and resilience, and developing their confidence and discovering their personal and professional identities.

Her proven 5A coaching method for purpose-driven living guides women to develop the tools and skills with which they feel empowered,  validated, and are able to hold themselves accountable. As a motivational speaker for youth, she specializes in speaking about goal setting, vaping, bullying,  managing internal and external conflict, communication, insecurities, self doubt and building confidence.

For Clark, recovery was only possible because she chose not to give up; instead she embraced hope and took action towards creating a better future for herself despite all odds against her. She wants other women to know that, no matter what life throws at them, they too can find inner strength and accomplish amazing things if they believe in themselves. 

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