Aintro Handlebars: A Fusion of Style and Performance for the Ultimate Cycling Experience

February 10 16:38 2023
Aintro Handlebars bring a new level of style and practicality to the cycling industry. Custom-designed for all types of bikes, these patented handlebars offer innovative features and multiple benefits.

A new player in the cycling industry, Aintro, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their innovative handlebars to the market. Designed with both style and practicality in mind, these handlebars can be customized to fit any bicycle, offering cyclists a way to enhance their riding experience.

“As a bicycle enthusiast, I’ve always been passionate about improving their functionality and safety. With Aintro Handlebars, we (me and Sergio Casu) aim to revolutionize the cycling industry by combining style and practicality. Our patented design integrates the brake levers into the handlebars, improving posture, eliminating untidy cables, increasing brake reaction timing, and giving the bicycle a sleek look. We believe in the power of speed and freedom, and our handlebars make it possible for cyclists to enjoy a comfortable and stylish ride.” Stated the Co-creator of Aintro Handlebars.

Features of Aintro Handlebar:

  1. Sleek and patented design
  2. Integrated brakes for added safety
  3. Improved riding posture
  4. Modern front-end design
  5. Made in Italy with the highest quality standards
  6. Carbon and wooden options to suit your preference
  7. Lightweight and easy to use
  8. Handy and excellent for daily use.

“With Aintro, we aim to offer super-light handlebars that won’t break the bank. Whether you choose the Carbon or Wooden option, each handlebar is hand-assembled in Italy and undergoes a strict quality control process.”

“Aintro is our way of making the world better, one bicycle at a time. With the help of our supporters, we can make our dream a reality. By backing our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll not only be helping us bring Aintro to life and support the future of eco-friendly transportation. Let’s make this happen together!”

Backers of the campaign will be rewarded with various treats based on the amount they pledge. The treats range from discounted handlebars to a free reflective band. For example, pledging €167 or more will result in a super early bird carbon handlebar at 30% off the retail price, plus a free reflective band. Pledging €311 or more will result in a super early bird carbon and wooden handlebar bundle at 30% off the retail price, plus a free reflective band for each handlebar. Pledging €708 or more will result in a bundle of five carbon handlebars at 30% off the retail price, plus a free reflective band for each handlebar. 

To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit the Aintro Kickstarter campaign here:

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