Webhive Digital: Elevating Online Presence with SEO and Web Design Services

February 10 02:34 2023
Webhive Digital offers comprehensive web design and SEO services to help businesses improve their online presence, organic reach, and brand reputation. With over a decade of experience, Kate provides website design, monthly SEO packages, SEO audits, and a DIY SEO course to increase visibility and conversions. She offers three SEO packages to suit different business needs and is dedicated to helping clients succeed.

Kate Smoothy is a well-established web designer and SEO consultant, and founder of Webhive Digital with over a decade of experience in the industry. With a passion for helping businesses achieve their online goals, Webhive Digital offers a wide range of services to improve their online presence, increase their organic reach, and position them as industry leaders.

Kate’s extensive portfolio of services includes both website design and SEO strategy. Her custom website review focuses on improving functionality and turning the website into a powerful sales tool, while her SEO services ensure that the website is seen by the right audience. Kate takes a collaborative approach, working closely with business owners to help them build a confident and successful brand.

Kate’s journey as a web designer and SEO consultant started at 12 when she discovered her love for design. With a self-taught background in coding and graphic design, she launched a travel blog and an eBook and worked for prestigious companies such as BuzzFeed and Metro UK. In 2013, Kate was a travel blogger and au pair who launched her first web design business in Germany. Upon noticing low traffic to her websites from Google, she immersed herself in learning about SEO, improved her website design, and optimized her blog posts with keywords. With successful results, seeing over 1000 daily visitors, she transitioned to full-time web design and building websites to finance her travels. In 2015, she further honed her skills by studying UX/UI design at the University of the Arts London and working for a digital marketing company, gaining expertise in SEO.

In 2020, Kate launched Webhive Digital, offering a range of services, including WordPress and Shopify website design, SEO services, and a DIY SEO course. Additionally, she provides SEO and conversion optimization services to help businesses increase their online visibility and conversions.

Kate offers three monthly SEO packages for businesses looking to invest in SEO in general or to boost their local SEO in Essex. The Premium SEO Package is the most comprehensive option and is recommended for businesses without an in-house content writer. The Standard SEO Package is a budget-friendly option for businesses with team members who can write regular blog posts, with the bulk of the work being handled by Kate. The Starter SEO Package is designed for new businesses with limited budgets and requires a commitment from the business owner to put in effort every month, backed by Kate’s strategies. For clients who are still deciding which package to choose, Kate is always happy to discuss options and help them make the best decision for their business.

In addition to her website review and SEO services, Kate also offers comprehensive SEO audit services. These services provide a complete understanding of a website’s performance from an SEO perspective, including technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. The audit includes a detailed report with actionable recommendations and a foolproof strategy for ranking #1 on Google. The services cover topics such as current traffic from search engines, technical SEO issues, off-page SEO improvement, low-quality content analysis, and “low-hanging fruit” opportunities for quick and easy SEO wins.

Webhive Digital, under the leadership of experienced web designer and SEO consultant Kate Smoothy, is dedicated to elevating businesses’ online presence and helping them reach their full potential. Their monthly SEO packages, SEO audit services, and custom website design services are tailored to suit different business needs. The addition of website reviews provides an added level of insight and optimization, ensuring that businesses’ websites are performing at their best. With a passion for empowering businesses, Webhive Digital is the go-to choice for companies looking to transform their online visibility and achieve their online goals.

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