The number one timeshare exit company Primo Management Group leverages custom-built strategies to help clients get out of their timeshare forever.

February 08 23:06 2023
Primo Management Group is the trusted go-to partner when it comes to permanently canceling a timeshare obligation.

Timeshare ownership is marketed as a dream that offers incredible benefits and a lifetime investment. But what lies disguised beneath this promise is the associated fees that keep compounding each year, and follow family members even after the owner dies. While some timeshare owners are happy with what they get from owning a timeshare, many others are miserable and describe it as a financial liability.

“How to get rid of my timeshare,” “Can I cancel my timeshare,” and “I can’t get rid of my timeshare” are some of the popular search terms floating about the internet today. Frustrated timeshare owners are ready to grasp any ray of hope that promises them freedom from the financial burden associated with timeshare ownership. 

Primo Management Group is helping timeshare owners get out of their obligations forever, a fit many clients have struggled with, going as far as attempting to sell or donate their timeshares. PMG has helped thousands reclaim their lives, the lives of their families and finances using its custom-built timeshare exit strategy. 

In a bid to supplement income from the economic downturn, endless special assessments are conducted, leading to increased maintenance fees and other charges. According to one of PMG’s clients, at one point, she hated getting her mail because there was a new charge every time. This becomes mentally exhausting and financially draining, not to mention the consequences for those who forfeit the charges. Generally, timeshare owners have no way of getting out of these charges and when they die, these maintenance fees are passed on to their family members.

Primo Management Group offers a much-needed OUT with a high-touch, boutique level of service. The company customizes timeshare exit strategies based on each client’s unique situation. At the same time, the team of knowledgeable and experienced experts educates clients on timeshares and common pitfalls and keeps clients engaged and informed throughout the process. “This is why we have numerous 5-star reviews and are rated ‘AA’ by the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).” 

The timeshare industry makes it incredibly difficult for owners to get out of their contracts. A web of confusion and delays makes the cancelation process a nightmare. PMG steps in to navigate this complex process for clients by acting as an advocate for the client. The company is committed to ensuring that each client coming to them is free of their timeshare contract, maintenance fees, and mortgage. “We do not buy, sell, or rent your timeshare. We use our proven, proprietary process to get you out of your timeshare contract forever.”

After recognizing the need to help timeshare owners stuck in contracts that continue to drain their finances, PMG was established to free people from their lifetime obligations. PMG invites any and all timeshare owners and those who have inherited timeshares they don’t want to take advantage of its proven timeshare exit strategy. 

Based in Orlando, PMG maintains a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit the number one timeshare exit company for more information

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