Tooth & Honey: Pitbull Clothing with a Purpose

February 07 21:28 2023
Pit bulls have a bad reputation, whether they deserve it or not, and many people are afraid of them. It’s unfortunate for pits and their owners because perceptions don’t always match reality. These large breed dogs are misunderstood, feared, and overcrowded in shelters across the country.

Pit bulls are not inherently dangerous. Like any other dogs, they can become violent, aggressive, and mean through lack of training, abuse, neglect, and irresponsible ownership and breeding.

Tooth & Honey believes in promoting responsible pet ownership and showcasing pit bulls in a positive light to encourage more bully breed adoptions. They design clothing with a purpose for bully-breed dogs. Their goal is to help bully breeds and the rescue community.

“Pit bulls are extremely loyal. When you adopt a pit bull, you get a friend for life, through thick and thin,” says Ally Concannon, Owner and Founder of Tooth & Honey. “We believe in encouraging responsible pet ownership and promoting large breed dogs. When you shop with us, you are helping to improve the lives of animals in need,” she continued.

Ally always grew up as a dog lover, especially a pit bull lover. She founded Tooth & Honey in 2015, intending to create fashionable, functional, and comfortable accessories for difficult-to-fit pit bull-type dogs. With the additional goal of using the T&H platform to support the animal rescue community and animal awareness initiatives. Customers who purchase a product from them are not only buying a high-quality product for their pit bull but also assisting in making a difference in the lives of animals.

When asked about the meaning of “Tooth & Honey,” Ally stated that Pit bulls are the pinnacle of Tooth & Honey. “Tooth alludes to the loyally protective nature of these specific canines, like a fiercely supportive friend with a hard-candy shell. This rough exterior, the tooth, is balanced by Honey, which refers to the calm, therapeutic, and sweet presence of pit bull type dogs—or any dog for that matter—who have become true members of the family.” 

What started as a small Facebook group has now evolved into a very successful women-owned small business that sells directly to consumers and helps animals in various ways. Tooth & Honey has given back to rescues all over the United States since it was founded. Ally donates boxes filled with Tooth & Honey clothing to various rescues and individuals. 

Tooth & Honey’s online store offers a diverse and constantly expanding selection of sweaters, matching pajamas, tee shirts, accessories, and other products for dogs and their owners. All their products are of high quality, functional, and one-of-a-kind. Pit bull owners will not only find the perfect outfit for their furry friend, but they will also be supporting animal rescue organizations by shopping with them.

To support rescue animals across the country, shop online at Tooth & Honey and help make a difference. 

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