VertaClean Is A Revolutionary All-In-One Standing Shower Foot Scrubber That Is Safe And Effective For Everyone

January 26 04:31 2023
With its original design and extensive testing, the VertaClean solves an issue for millions of people to safely clean their feet in the shower. This product tackles both the safety issue and the efficiency issue that many face.

Hygiene is an incredibly important necessity for everyone. There are numerous specialized products for different aspects of hygiene for a more effective cleanliness, and some are really stand-out products. When specifically looking at cleaning feet in the shower, a great product is a must-have. With soap and water everywhere, it can be dangerous to try to stand on one foot at a time to wash, and there’s no guarantee one can even balance long enough to properly get rid of all the dirt. 

VertaClean is a stand-out product for this crucial piece of hygiene. Carefully designed for safety and effectiveness, this is a must-have for any shower. 

VertaClean’s story and functions

VertaClean was created and founded by Chris Derr. He identified this gap in the hygiene market in his own life when he found himself faced daily with the same struggles of trying to get a good clean without taking a dangerous tumble in the shower. 

“I wanted to create a product to help all people have truly clean feet. Basic cleaning maintenance is necessary to fight off disease and bacteria on the body. I am proud to say that VertaClean provides the opportunity to live healthier with clean feet,” Chris says. 

He developed his first prototype for the VertaClean in 2008. With a wooden frame and bristles to clean, he found this first model to be entirely too rough, dubbing it the “bear trap” for how it felt. The next prototype repurposed part of a Swiffer. This model worked far better, giving Chris hope that his idea had merit. 

His next focus was to get the product to properly clean the entire foot. Unfortunately, in 2010, after investing thousands in an invention company, his idea hit some rough roadblocks, and he had to return to focusing on his 9-5 job instead. 

Chris didn’t forget his idea, however, even when years had passed. In 2017 he picked up the project again with new inspiration and began working hard to get it the way he wanted it. With the help of a team of college students, his product started taking shape with updates like multiple bristles and whipped soap to gain functionality improvements. 

In 2020, Chris took the final leap and moved from a team of college students to professional development. Now, the VertaClean is perfected with years of innovation and design put into it to make the ideal foot cleaner. 


VertaClean is set to be released soon and already has a waitlist for purchases. This revolutionary hygiene product is sure to make a splash when it becomes available as it makes cleaning feet safe and far more efficient than any other method currently out there. 

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