Heysong Launches Bluetooth Onn Speaker, Enjoy Music Up to 40 hours Non-Stop

January 18 23:08 2023
Heysong Launches Bluetooth Onn Speaker, Enjoy Music Up to 40 hours Non-Stop
Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Heysong Audio releases onn speaker. Heysong’s new onn speaker is a bluetooth speaker with three different fun colors (black, blur, and pink). It has 40 hours of non-stop music play, and can be a great gift for music lovers. It comes with a built-in 18650 battery, making it portable and waterproof. While traditional portable speakers have been limited to their locations indoors, there has been a growing trend of wireless outdoor speakers. Outdoor wireless speakers like Heysong onn speakers have multiple benefits, such as water resistance and Bluetooth capabilities, that make them perfect for use outdoors.

A Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a device that is used to play audio through a Bluetooth connection. The main purpose of this device is to allow users to play their music from a wide distance from their smartphones and other devices. A Bluetooth speaker can be either portable or stationary. While the portable ones are usually hand held, the stationary ones are installed on walls or ceilings and are designed for more permanent use.

In addition, a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a great travel companion because it’s easy to carry around, weighing only 10 ounces and being just 6 inches long. It also includes an integrated handle for easy carrying. The onn speaker is IP67 rated waterproof, which means that it’s completely waterproof and can be fully submerged in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes without damage. This perfectly protects the inside components from moisture and dust during outdoor activities such as camping or use during rainy seasons.

“The primary advantages of using Heysong wireless outdoor speakers is that you will be able to connect your smartphone or other mobile devices and play your favorite music wherever you go. In addition, you will also be able to listen to your music in the rain, although most waterproof speakers are not completely waterproof so it would be better not to take them while swimming.” A Heysong Audio spokesperson explained.

As a brand dedicated to the pursuit of happiness, Heysong is committed to offering the best products in their respective fields at an affordable price. The company’s goal is to create products that make people’s lives better, easier, and more enjoyable. “We bring our love of music into every aspect of our speakers, from the design to the construction and engineering to the packaging. We offer more than half a dozen styles of speakers and headphones, including wireless earbuds that are essential for those who want to enjoy music on-the-go.”

For more information, please visit https://www.heysongaudio.com/heysong-reverb-party-queen-portable-outdoor-bluetooth-speaker-black.html.

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