Celebrate National IV Nurse Day On Jan. 25th

January 18 21:41 2023

LUX Infusion Proudly Honors All Medical Infusion Nurses on National IV Nurse Day (& Every Day)

Infusion nurses nationwide are stepping into the spotlight on January 25, 2023, as part of National IV Nurse Day (NIND). Established to acknowledge the tireless work of those in IV nursing, NIND is a meaningful way to recognize medical infusion nurses across the U.S., celebrating their care, skills, and dedication while showing appreciation and respect for the decades of advocacy, ongoing education, and professional growth that have driven the infusion specialty.

As devoted professionals who play an integral role in delivering quality care, medical infusion nurses make a true difference in the overall patient experience while administering complex treatments and intensive therapies.

That’s why LUX Infusion is deeply honored to celebrate our IV nurses – including Melissa Van Fossen NP, Christi Elliot CPN, and, Lisa Bruce CRNI – while also recognizing all of the other infusion nurses out there who provide essential care and infusion treatments day in and day out.

About National IV Nurse Day

January 25th was first designated as National IV Nurse Day in 1980 by the U.S. House of Representatives. With 2023 marking the 42rd anniversary of this event, healthcare providers nationwide are going the extra mile to thank medical infusion nurses for their amazing work and continuing contributions to patient care and the greater healthcare community.

In fact, some of the vital care provided by infusion nurses include:

  • Starting various types of IVs
  • Overseeing infusion lines and equipment
  • Managing complex infusion treatment regimens
  • Monitoring patients during infusion therapies and adjusting medications as needed
  • Putting patients at ease while providing an optimal treatment experience

Many prominent organizations have applauded this and other essential work of IV nurses, underscoring how important their work is in outpatient clinics, hospitals, and various other healthcare settings. One of those organizations, which has also been at the forefront of NIND since early on, has been the Infusion Nurses Society (INS).

As a nonprofit representing infusion nurses and other clinicians, INS has been pivotal in raising awareness, appreciation, and advocacy for IV nurses while “bringing innovative resources and learning opportunities to the wide range of health care professionals involved in the specialty practice of infusion therapy.”

About LUX Infusion & Medical Infusion Treatments

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With an extensive array of medical infusion treatments and IV therapies, LUX Infusion is a top choice among patients and providers because we make it easy to get standard and specialty medical infusions, and we help with the related essentials, like pre-authorizations, insurance, financial assistance, and more.

Find out why LUX Infusion is known and trusted nationwide for exceptional care, the finest medical infusions, and the ultimate patient experience visiting us online or reaching out to our medical infusion nurses for more info today.

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