The Commercialiser: Learn the Power of Negotiation with Chief Negotiator Alex Adamo

January 18 18:19 2023
The Commercialiser: Learn the Power of Negotiation with Chief Negotiator Alex Adamo
How large corporations should negotiate inflation with their clients

Running a company is not for the faint-hearted. There are so many factors that come into play and managing finances during negotiations is just one of the biggest challenges that business executives face. Fortunately, The Commercialiser is here to help companies improve their profitability through negotiations.

Founded with a mission to empower negotiators to maximize their deals through the advancement of behavioral and negotiation sciences, The Commercialiser is the brainchild of negotiator, anthropologist, and serial entrepreneur, Alex Adamo. For him, high stake negotiations require rigorous emotional management and flawless prefrontal cortex operational capability under tough and high-pressure circumstances.

Through The Commercialiser, Alex is hopeful that more negotiations between concerned businesses and clients will be closed with less stress and decreased financial losses. With his team of negotiators, they have figured out how to manage high-stakes negotiations. So, how does Chief Negotiator Alex manage deals 1 billion dollar deals and higher while staying composed and relaxed?

As an initial step, negotiation strategies should be carefully planned months or at least weeks in advance. Constructive talks with all counterparties should be regularly done and rapid escalation must be avoided. “Bringing the most senior members of the company such as the CEO or the Commercial Director to the negotiation will just lead to more complications, especially if the negotiation is still at its early stages”, said Alex Adamo.

The course of action that must be taken depends on the nature of the negotiation. For instance, if it is competitive and there is a favorable balance of power, it is recommended to build a set of threats and slowly insinuate the release of this information during instances that the counterparty is not in line with the proposed directions. Of course, this must be done in caution and the entire organization should be aligned with the consequences in case the worst happens and have crisis management tools ready to manage financially catastrophic scenarios.

Finally, a clear timeline should be set in every negotiation because negotiations must be controlled on our timelines. In case the counterparty is intransigent, it may be advisable to consider pejorative proposals as well. Something that most relationship driven negotiators tend to avoid, in order not to alienate the other party – “There is enormous power in using strategic conflict”, said Alex Adamo.

Negotiations are stressful and unsettling for most negotiators. It is possible to stay calm before negotiations through meditation, exercise, or power posing. Focus on what could go right and understand what’s within your control during the negotiation and never let others force you to make a decision or say something under pressure. To maximize opportunities to win more, visit to learn more.

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The Commercialiser is an executive negotiation consultancy company operating internationally for and on behalf of S&P500 companies, founded by Alex Adamo, a negotiator and social entrepreneur.

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