Paul James releases a New Album, “Baby It’s Just Fine” along with the license rights

January 12 01:28 2023

Paul James has been a working actor living in Los Angeles for almost ten years 

Then came COVID-19, and the world changed drastically, leaving Paul with a newfound sense of freedom and purpose. 

When faced with the “not knowing” of his new situation, Paul welcomed it with open arms. He was comfortable being uncomfortable and used this as an opportunity to explore something he had always wanted to do: pursue music full-time. While at home, he devoted himself to creating music, learning instruments, and developing his singing/songwriting skills.  

Paul James also offers the following:

Paul’s original compositions are characterized by soaring melodies, powerful lyrics, and melodic grooves that capture the listener’s attention from start to finish. In addition to his solo work, Paul regularly collaborates with other LA artists — from hip-hop producers to jazz fusion ensembles — exploring genres from soulful rock to funkadelic pop! 

His mission is simple: create meaningful music that resonates with people’s hearts and speaks directly to their souls. He believes music is one of the most potent tools for expressing our stories while connecting everyone in a shared experience. 

Final Thought 

In tandem with his musical journey, he also hosts workshops around LA where he teaches aspiring singers and songwriters how they can use music as an outlet for creative expression. In addition, he provides young artists invaluable guidance on honing their craft while encouraging them to be unafraid of taking risks and pushing boundaries regarding their artistry. 

Paul James is building a fantastic musical legacy through his solo career and collaborations while inspiring budding musicians! His combination of talent, hard work ethic, and passion make him an immensely successful artist whose impact continues to grow daily!

Paul James has just released his new album, “Baby It’s Just Fine.” This album is available for purchase, along with the license rights to use the music in your own projects.

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