Label Magnets, LLC Continues Gracing the Market With Unbeatable Magnetic Label Products

January 09 22:00 2023
Label Magnets, LLC is among the leading providers of premium quality magnetic warehouse labels and magnetic strips, offering a broad catalog comprised of colored flexible magnets, card holders, plain magnets, magnetic tape, pot magnets, and other products.

Traditional warehouse labels, strips, and adhesives are known for leaving irritating pieces of paper and glue that often ruin the aesthetics of any product they were placed on. In search of better, more effective, and affordable alternatives, thousands of brands, shop owners, and consumers have been shopping at Label Magnets, LLC for years, knowing that they will be met with a smile and a host of top-tier products made available at highly approachable prices.

Label Magnets, LLC is helmed by industry-leading experts who have nearly four decades of experience in the field. The company’s team has developed and is offering some of the most revolutionary warehouse magnetic strips and magnetic warehouse labels to people seeking to streamline shipping, warehousing, and inventory control with simple labeling products.

“Identifying inventory and locations in the warehouse is similar to mapping, directional signage and destination points that we all rely on daily. It needs to be clear, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. Whether you are responsible for inventory control, shipping, receiving, or warehousing, you can benefit from using magnetic labels. Eliminate prep time from gluing labels to shelves, unsightly label build up or reprinting labels when products move. Magnets are easy to install and by simply adhering sticky labels to a magnet, then attaching to any metal surface,” said the company’s spokesperson.

Whether it be for labeling warehouse shelving, offices, doors, lockers, tool boxes, equipment, file cabinets, stock rooms, or scheduling boards, Label Magnets’ catalog has it covered with top-of-the-line, easy-to-use magnetic tape and magnet products.

Aside from its regular catalog, Label Magnets also offers custom services to its customers. From label magnets designed after custom specifications to unique sizing options and bulk orders, this firm strives to cater to all needs of its clients.

The firm’s spokesperson said that Label Magnets utilizes advanced converting equipment capable of creating tailored warehousing label products for customers that could not use any of the standard products in its catalog, stating the following:

“Not all labels are compatible with the choices offered. We have converting machines available and waiting to create a unique size magnet for your warehouse or stock room. We can handle any quantity and do our best to keep our minimums low, our prices competitive, and lead times within your time frame,” Label Magnets’ spokesperson said.

Apart from warehouse labels, magnetic strips, and shop adhesives, Label Magnets’ catalog also comprises pot magnets, magnetic business cards, inkjet & laser printable magnetic sheets, wet-erase flexible magnets, C-channel magnets, and magnetic vinyl envelopes, as well as the brand’s trademarked Magna-Hinge™ PVC-made labels.

More information about Label Magnets is available on the company’s official website.

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