The Fastest Way To Shave Scalp, Arms and Legs: OmniShaver Offers a More Efficient And Speedier Shave, Without the Burdensome Experience

January 09 19:48 2023
A game-changer for 2023, OmniShaver crafted the world’s first self-cleaning razor for men and women. Designed to make men’s shaving experience less time-consuming, safer, easier, and more economical than other shavers or razors, the OmniShaver is a must-have for those that shave on a regular basis.

Promising the “fastest way to shave men’s scalp” available on the market today, a new company has introduced the OmniShaver, (, featuring an inventive bi-directional blade configuration for a quicker, safer, easier, and less expensive shaving experience.

Shaving the scalp is not as easy as it appears, and having the right shaver can make a world of difference. The OmniShaver was designed to offer consumers maneuverability, sharpness, efficiency, and safety, all key benefits in choosing the right shaver. The OmniShaver costs roughly the same as a shaver from a leading manufacturer, but it lasts exponentially longer due to it being able to self-polish and self-straighten during use, reducing the need for constant replacement cartridges.

The OmniShaver also has a self-cleaning feature that does not require its user to stop several times during the shave to clean out the blades, leading to a time-saving shave. These benefits allow for a shave that requires fewer shaving passes and less skin irritation than a conventional razor. The OmniShaver gives consumers the ability to shave their heads in less than a minute, and the team behind the OmniShaver is confident that men will want it as part of their grooming routine after only a single use.

Having felt that the shaving industry was taking advantage of their customers by overcharging for replacement cartridges and realizing that many people found shaving to be laborious, OmniShaver Inventor, Founder, and CEO John Harris, decided to move forward with a vision, “to make a product that is on the side of the consumer, not the corporation. A shaver that would make the shaving experience faster, safer, easier, and less expensive for all.”

The OmniShaver offers improved results due to its unique capabilities & features:

–  Self-Cleans: Eliminates the need to stop several times during a shave to rinse out or clean the shaver.

–  Low Profile Handle & Fully Floating Suspension: OmniShaver’s floating shaving head will always maintain a parallel downward pressure, making the angle of blade edge attack consistent throughout the shave, and its low profile eliminates leverage-caused cuts.

–  Self-Straightens & Self-Polishes: Replicates the similar “stropping” action used by barbers to sharpen their straight razors on leather straps.

–  Maximum Grip Control: Convex ribs make losing the grip on traditional, elongated handles a thing of the past.

–  Time-Saving: Fewer shaving passes are needed to cleanly shave than conventional razors, which also leads to less skin irritation.

–  Long Lasting & Cost-Saving: No need for constant replacement cartridges to replace dull blade due to the OmniShaver’s ability to self-straighten & self-polish which increases blade longevity.

Harris was inspired to create the OmniShaver after seeing that his wife was unable to shave her legs on her own following spinal surgery. He set out to make a shaver that she could use without straining her back and the result was a shaver that he realized held functionality and application for more than just shaving legs. Harris realized that the OmniShaver worked amazingly well on the scalp, legs, and the body.

OmniShaver’s manually operated non-electric razor is designed to polish and ‘strop’ the edges throughout the shaving process. This keeps blades sharper, straighter, and more effective for longer than a typical manual razor.

Steve Davis had this to say in a Facebook review: “It’s fast, easy, close, simple. Just amazing. Self cleans, so there is no need to stop and rinse. Best head shave ever. Great customer service. Fast shipping. Zero regrets.” 

ABOUT OmniShaver

Starting out as a product developed by a loving husband for his wife, The OmniShaver is the flagship product for a variety of economical and efficient shaving devices that the OmniShaver corporation has in the pipeline. 

Next to be released is OmniShaver’s new facial shaver. Facial skin is the most loose and bi-directional shaving needs tighter skin. Coming soon. Harris has invented a never-before-seen bi-directional facial shaver which will be a faster way to shave and will change the way faces are shaved. 

Please visit their website for more information, speed-shave videos, reviews, and updates regarding the future of OmniShaver,

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