The “Storytelling King” Is Helping Coaches Take Their Businesses To The Next Level

January 05 22:24 2023

Deven Rodriguez is an Army officer, entrepreneur and business coach who’s been touted as “The Storytelling King” due to his ability to help coaches learn how to craft, package, and deliver a message that makes their offer irresistible! With his Subconscious Storytelling System, he teaches coaches how to use the power of a Story to communicate the value of their coaching programs in a way that people just love saying “YES!”

Deven’s life changed when he began being personally mentored by the legend, Les Brown. As his ability to communicate improved, more and more people started paying attention to him. He was soon speaking on TEDx stages, and spoke alongside renowned speakers such as Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, and many others.

It was around this time that a woman named Heidi reached out to him through Clubhouse saying that he should consider teaching others how to do the same thing. Deven initially disregarded her suggestion but realized that it could be an opportunity for him after he realized that his attempt at being a “life coach” left him with a bank account balance of -$7. Ultimately, he told himself “What do I have to lose?” and he took a leap of faith.

He started teaching people how to develop the tools they needed for sharing their stories effectively as well as persuading potential clients into taking action towards their offers. His clients began earning thousands of dollars each month simply by being able to tell their stories in ways that made others want them to listen to them!

This is when Deven saw great potential and created Storypreneur, his official business name which focuses on helping coaches communicate the value of their offer successfully – so much so that it becomes irresistible for potential customers.

Using what they call “Subconscious Storytelling” techniques, Storypreneur has taught thousands of people all over the world how they can start off earning nothing but eventually have people come up to them begging for their services – in some cases earning an extra $5,000 per month or more!

At Storypreneur they understand that even if you have an amazing offer, if you don’t know how turn your message into something desirable then you can easily remain overlooked; That’s why they aim to help coaches speak in ways that attracts better clients as well as capture attention, while also converting those audiences into paying customers – based on Deven’s own methods and experiences along his journey as an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach.

To discover more about Deven and to download his Ultimate Storytelling Formula, then visit his website here:

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