VoIP Business, founded by Jamie Arif, provides Intuitive Solutions for Modern Communication.

January 05 20:36 2023
VoIP Business offers seamless and effortless VoIP technology for all businesses.

Effective communication is important for the success of any business, but traditional methods can be outrageously outdated. VoIP Business is changing the game with its out-of-the-box cloud communication technology that is simple, efficient, and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

VoIP Business was founded by Jamie Arif, an experienced entrepreneur and innovator with a diverse portfolio in various industries. Jamie’s mission is to make modern communication accessible to all. VoIP Business services are available to businesses in various sectors, including healthcare, retail, education, financial services, high-tech, government, and non-profit.

Jamie says, “I have been at the forefront of dealing with every gadget that comes to the market. I know there needs to be a proactive approach to make things simpler and human-centered. I was inspired by the innovation of iPhones. So, I decided to create an intuitive and simple product like an iPhone.”


Setting up a VoIP connection has been a hard nut to crack for business owners. The whole process is jittered with lots of tedious work. As every telephone in the organization needs to be configured, it consumes alot of time and effort to set up a robust system.

However, with VoIP Business, companies wanting to set up cloud communication can get a telephone for business or personal use in seconds. The overall process is just plug-and-play. Users have to install the VoIP Business application, and they are good to go.

Key marketing practices for new customers and retaining the previous ones. Businesses fear that their messages may go unheard if they don’t target the right customer base. VoIP Business resolves these fears through its state-of-the-art call center tools.

The company’s professional IVR (interactive voice response) system routes call to the right teams or groups of people, and the call center allows employees to work from home or anywhere.

Things have become handy with the evolution of technology. As most people use smartphones for daily communication, the company penetrates a bigger market through its apps. VoIP Business mobile app for iOS and Android allow people to send messages and updates to teams and users with a few touches on the screen.

The spirit of intuitiveness revolves across the VoIP Business’s ecosystem. That’sThat’s why its features have been developed so that the common user doesn’tdoesn’t need additional help to perform tasks.

In summary, VoIP Business is modern businesses’ ultimate cloud communication solution. With its wide range of features and capabilities, you can communicate effectively and efficiently with your teams and customers. Upgrade your business communication with VoIP Business today.

VoIP Business revolutionized the cloud communication technology that provides state-of-the-art communication through Voice-of-Internet-Protocol. VoIP Business’s IVR, Call Analytics, and Call Center tools make it the perfect match for businesses of all types and sizes. VoIP’s team is dedicated to making the best products in communication technology and connecting the world for a better future. https://www.voipbusiness.com/

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