Vertical Jump Challenge Delivers Promising Athletic Performance

January 02 15:33 2023
This Vertical Jump Challenge is a revolutionary vertical jump program to help any athlete who accepts the challenge to increase their vertical jump, speed and mobility.

What if there was a way to determine how athletic you are that also shows you how to be your best? Anyone who is driven to succeed and to stand out faces this question and the Vertical Jump Challenge was developed by a team striving to provide the answer. Improvement can only be achieved if it is planned, measurable, and actionable. The Vertical Jump Challenge is an incredible tool to measure how well you measure up and a program to literally lift you higher. This innovative solution was invented by a team examining what turns a regular guy into a Challenger, into something special.

The VJC started by looking at the components of greatness. First, research focused on identifying key principles of the super athlete: speed, explosiveness, strength, mobility, and dynamism. Next, they looked for the single metric that could both quantify/amplify these virtues and there was only one answer: the vertical jump. In all of their studies and research, everything came back to this one test. If you can jump higher you are better. If you can jump your highest, you are at your best.

Aspiring to Greatness means accepting the Challenge. These Challengers can benefit from the VJC approach since it provides a roadmap for success combined with a timetable that demands accountability. This is a 75 Day program that tells you what to do every day and even shows you how it’s done. Each session is divided into a distinct Warmup, Workout, and Cooldown phase to target the appropriate preparation for maximal effectiveness. Further, each and every element has an accompanying instructional video embedded in the lesson to demonstrate exactly how everything is done. The distinct combination of movement and intensity has been paired with deliberate timing and scheduling to excel and is the result of countless hours of research and testing. The Vertical Jump Challenge provides everything you need to be your best: 1. What to do 2. When to do it 3. How to do it.

Results matter. One Vertical Jump Challenger had this to say:
“I had my doubts, but after 3 weeks I went from grabbing the rim to dunking with ease”
Jackson-HS Basketball Player

For anyone ready to accept the Challenge, they can get more information at or contact us directly at [email protected]

About Vertical Jump Challenge:

The Vertical Jump Challenge was developed by coaching professionals with a combined 40 years of athletic curriculum development, working with athletes at all levels, including Olympians as well as professional sports.

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