Btsecoin obtained MSB certification and established strategic partners

September 29 11:45 2022

 BTSEcoin is an innovative international station, affiliated to Btsecoin Tech Group Limited, headquartered in California, USA. Facing the different needs of global users, BTSEcoin will rely on rich resources and technical background to provide customers with a series of services such as digital currency trading, digital asset issuance, blockchain project incubation, and decentralized finance. As a compliance-based financial institution, BTSEcoin holds the US MSB license and operates compliantly and legally. It has financial business entities in more than ten countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and plans to gradually open regional distributed international stations.

 Since its operation in 2017, the BTSEcoin platform has accumulated more than 2 million registered users, and the cumulative number of transactions has exceeded one trillion times. The platform currently has nearly 3,000 new registered users every day. The average daily turnover reached 3 billion US dollars, and the peak period was nearly 10 billion US dollars.

BTSEcoin exchange is a platform that can provide users with the highest quality blockchain trading services. Here, every user can read industry analysis reports of various blockchains by themselves, and then combine the industry according to their own analysis. The analysis report comes to draw your conclusions and make the investment more rational. BTSEcoin is committed to establishing a link between the traditional asset trading market and the digital asset trading market. By breaking through the exchange barriers between gold and digital assets, it will lay out the digital development of global assets and truly realize the global application of asset digitalization.

Platform Concept


As the foundation of the financial system, trust is also the core of decentralized digital asset services. The platform is well aware of the challenges faced by the digital asset ecosystem, so the platform cherishes every trust. The platform has been firmly committed to improving the compliance, stability and security of the platform. The platform has always regarded the reliability of the platform as the core element of the platform.


BTSEcoin is committed to creating professional, stable and reliable financial services. The platform is continuously supporting more top digital assets, providing customers with a variety of investment options. The platform is constantly opening up the ecosystem of the platform, providing institutional users with an industry-leading developer platform. The platform is constantly integrating the platform’s industry experience to carefully customize the best asset management solutions for institutions of all sizes.

BTSEcoin Exchange Description

1. Global Quotes: Trading figures refer to futures, U.S. crude oil and other market information and pricing resources, and are continuously updated every day.

2. Safe and formal: There are various ways to completely formalize the open source calculation formula, providing a 100% safe and worry-free transaction mode.

3. Lightning futures trading: fast deposit and withdrawal without delay, ultra-low commission.

4. Live broadcast on dedicated line: multi-platform coverage, real-time tracking of indicators and strategies, high winning rate, and extremely fast transmission.

BTSEcoin exchange function

Currency market

The platform displays real-time market trends for users and tracks the flow of funds in currency exchanges such as Bitcoin.

Capital flows

Every step of withdrawing bitcoins, real-time detection, and timely order placement will ensure your capital status.

Extraction management

Provide a convenient and efficient extraction management method, one-key operation, safe, convenient, fast and efficient.

Quality service

Help investors to quickly obtain transaction order prompts, and ensure that user transaction data can be completed in a timely, stable and convenient manner.

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