Bringing Investors Returns by the Truckload

September 22 20:58 2022

It stands to reason that someone in the trucking industry would have bigger-than-average dreams. Kyle Moffitt, founder of Peregrine Transports, was always on the lookout for ways to turn his money into passive income. Before entering the large-scale transport space, Kyle worked as a bulk supplement broker, solar company owner, and specialist in e-commerce buildouts. 

“Trucking was a game-changing opportunity,” he recalls. “Suddenly, I was no longer location-dependent, and I was making real money.”

Discovering the potential profits available through trucking

Peregrine Transports started as the result of a chance conversation. While chatting with one of his employees in solar sales, Kyle learned that the employee had recently purchased a semi-truck. “At first, I was confused, but when he told me he was making anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000 each week in profits, my curiosity piqued,” remembers Kyle. “I knew that the trucking industry wasn’t going anywhere. With those kinds of profits, I could afford to win big and provide an opportunity to others in the form of an alternative investment.”

Peregrine Transports is on a mission to become a top trucking carrier and is adding new trucks to its fleet continually. “Our primary purpose, however, is to help as many people as possible,” Kyle says. “We are here to enable them to create passive income and time freedom in their lives. We also empower our drivers with great pay and opportunities to create passive cash flow.”

Kyle shows people how to leverage their credit or capital to purchase semi-trucks. “We help people acquire either personal or business funding by using their credit,” he explains. “If people have good enough credit, they can immediately launch into this opportunity and begin creating anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 each month. Many people never even have to spend their own capital.”

Why people are investing in semi-trucks

Kyle has found that investing in semi-trucks is a no-brainer. People are interested in investing their capital in semi-trucks because they represent tangible assets, solid cash flow, hands-free income, scalable business opportunities, and recession-proof earnings.

“The transport and trucking industry is expanding,” says Kyle. “It has continued to show growth even during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. By investing in this type of opportunity, people can create significant income while building their business credit and saving on taxes. These are the steps that allow entrepreneurs to obtain enough capital to venture into even larger deals.”

Managing semi-trucks opens a world of opportunities and an entirely new lifestyle. With one 18-wheeler on the road, a person can expect to earn up to $6,000 each month, but more trucks mean even more income and less risk.

“We incentivize purchasing multiple trucks by lowering our consulting fee,” Kyle says. “Once you have a few of these trucks going, you can easily make $100,000 yearly and be completely hands-free. You’re not the one driving the trucks; you’re the one putting up the investment. Once you’ve done that, you can travel and enjoy time with your family.”

When people think of passive income, they usually think real estate is the only way, but the trucking industry is wide open and offers extremely low risk. For more information, readers can check out Peregrine Transports’s website.

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