RentFund is Changing The Way People Think About Renting

July 07 04:03 2022
Turn your rent into an investment with RentFund

The cost of living is at an all time high right now for families all across North America. People need a solution to help them keep more money in their pockets so they can support their families. RentFund is a new and innovative startup company founded by Thomas Deneve that allows tenants to turn their rent into an investment and get something back for their hard work.

The mission of RentFund is to cultivate a world in which there is more trust, transparency and freedom so that people spend more of their time living and less of it worrying. The rental industry has been growing rapidly over the past decade and this is an area we saw great opportunity in solving some key issues tenants and landlords were facing.

On RentFund tenants can build their Tenant Score & credit, leave reviews on landlords and properties, make payments online through the app, grow their fund, search for high quality properties, sign lease agreements and get tenant insurance on the properties they rent. These are just a few of the amazing features RentFund is offering to tenants.

For tenants this means a more smooth and seamless experience when they are renting with the benefit of investing into their future. When tenants are on RentFund they will not need a damage deposit because the property will be protected through RentFund’s insurance policy.

Landlords will have the benefit of getting great tenants renting their properties, transparency on rental history and their tenant score, seamlessly receive rental payments every month that will be directly deposited into their bank account, listing properties that are available for rent, lease agreements and property insurance & protection if any damages do occur. Landlords will have the comfort in knowing their properties will be well taken care of and will be occupied continually because of the many benefits their tenants are receiving.

RentFund is focused on giving people back the freedom they desire by offering a seamless and transparent rental experience for everyone involved in the process. For more information about RentFund visit:

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