Come to the water sports paradise of Hainan and start exploring the sea

June 24 02:35 2022

At 18° north latitude, Hainan, China, has bright, tropical sunshine and long, sandy coasts. Thousands of colorful sails adorn the line that connects the sea and sky. As for the Hainan island trip, water sports are a must! Dance on the waves, gallop along the surface of the sea, give in to the need for speed, and make the most of the time on the island.

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports of Hainan Province recently launched the “One date with spring” activities. The Exploration of Hainan takes people on a journey through this water sports paradise this summer and gets people to know Hainan in a different way!

1: Swimming

As an aerobic exercise that has excellent effects on the whole body, swimming is also a basic skill that must be mastered before beginning many water sports. Swimming can give people a more graceful, streamlined shape, and 20 minutes of exercise in the water is equivalent to 1 hour of exercise on land. Learning to swim well can also avoid injury while enjoying other sports.

Whether it is in the ocean or in an infinity pool looking over the sea, swimming in the clear, cool waters of Hainan is a delight. Dive right in and surround the body with the healing, turquoise waters of the tropics.

Recommended locations:

1. Holiday Beach, Haikou

2. West Island, Sanya

3. Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya

4. Boundary Island, Lingshui

2: Diving

Hainan is located in a tropical area, and diving is possible most of the year. The conditions are ideal: in summer, water temps stay at 24-27 degrees Celsius, and in winter, they hover between 20-24 degrees Celsius. Visibility is between 8 to 15 meters. The sea floor is full of life, and the coral reefs that line the coast are inhabited by a host of bright, colorful creatures. Day diving, night diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, semi-submersible sightseeing, reef diving, deep-sea boat diving and all kinds of other diving activities: No matter what — Hainan has it!

Recommended locations:

1. Jiajing Island & Zhouzai Island, Wanning

2. Baifu Island, Sun Bay, Sanya

3. Atlantis Sanya

4. Yalong Bay, Sanya

5. West Island & Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya

6. Boundary Island, Lingshui

7. Monkey Island, Lingshui

8. Daidai Island, Lingshui

3: Surfing

Become a surfer and ride the waves to victory.

Surfing is a water sport that combines strength, beauty, and fitness. Grab the surfboard, head across the sandy beach, and head out into the ocean – go up and dance on the waves in no time. That first moment when people successfully stand up on the board will give them a rush they will want to repeat again and again – and why not? Enjoy the challenge and keep pushing the limits.

Recommended locations:

1. Xixiu Beach, Haikou

2. Houhai Village, Haitang District, Sanya

3. Dadonghai and Phoenix Island, Sanya

4. Riyue Bay, Wanning

5. Clearwater Bay, Lingshui

There is also sailing, parasailing, deep sea fishing, kayaking, banana boating, canyon rafting, and many more thrilling water sports waiting for visitors here in Hainan. Get the adrenaline pumping – experience a better world and become a better person!


1. In case of typhoon or thunderstorm, stay out of the water.

2. Some high-intensity outdoor sports activities require basic swimming knowledge and ability. Those with high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, major surgery within the past year, serious injuries, alcoholism, pregnancy or other major health conditions should not participate in water sports.

3. Please follow the safety instructions of the guide or coach, and be sure to wear a life jacket and protect the skin from the intense tropical sun.

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