Shark’s Smile, the Swiss company specialized in dental bleaching products.

October 14 00:51 2021
One of the market leaders for 2 years now.

In the health and beauty field, dental whitening products have become one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years.

The possibility of getting a bright smile from the home without having to pay for expensive dental care has indeed conquered a large audience.

Currently, several companies are making their mark with kits that are increasingly easy to use and products that are more and more effective, the latest of which is the “PAP” whitening formula.

Behind this acronym, a synthetic organic acid with the name of peroxyhexanoic (phthalimido) acid, replacing the Peroxide usually used by dentists but whose aggressiveness can cause pain to patients, which is why dental offices are the only ones authorized to use it.

The PAP formula, even if somewhat less effective than Peroxide, has the advantage of omitting any pain or discomfort during its application, which is why it has become so widespread among the main players on the market.

Shark’s Smile is one of the only players in the sector offering this new PAP formula.This Swiss company only offers the purchase of kits by lots of 2, the second kit costing $10.

Taking advantage of the market’s growth and a sufficient margin due to increasingly large inventories, Shark’s Smile targets couples or people who want to share the experience of teeth whitening with a friend or family member, after having noticed that this beauty routine was trending.

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