Emergency C-Arm Rentals by C-ArmNow Available at Easy Terms for Medical Facilities in and Around Salt Lake City, UT

July 23 16:45 2021
C-ArmNow is a trusted vendor of C-Arms. It is also known for its reliable emergency C-Arm rentals for hospitals in Salt Lake City, UT and its surrounding areas within 500 miles. It deals in both vascular and non-vascular C-Arm rentals.

According to announcements released by C-ArmNow, its emergency C-Arm rentals are available for hospitals within 500 miles of Salt Lake City, UT. It serves customers in Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, GA. Interested parties can choose from different rental programs that best fulfill their requirements within a budget. Hospitals can rent a C-Arm and then weigh their options. Many renters that opt for a rent-to-own plan save money over time. Renting a C-Arm through this business also delivers tax benefits.

C-ArmNow sells and rents vascular and non-vascular C-Arms. Hospitals, veterinary clinics, diagnostic centers, and other medical facilities can choose from brands such as Philips, GE, and Siemens.

Medical facilities benefit in multiple ways from renting out fluoroscopy equipment from C-ArmNow. These businesses can ensure the smooth running of operations through the rental equipment if the existing device has broken down or cannot cope with the workload. A rented C-Arm informs the hospital of the costs and benefits that would accompany an investment in this expensive equipment.

C-ArmNow rents out equipment on easy terms, offers timely upgrades, and undertakes regular maintenance. This vendor educates renters and buyers on the best C-Arm for their needs based on the size, software, imaging resolution, and other parameters.

Long-term rentals are an excellent way to save on operational costs. Many medical facilities opt for these over an outright purchase of even old, refurbished C-Arms.

C-Arms improve the chances of a successful procedure because of their usefulness in correctly diagnosing a condition. They allow surgeons to tackle situations at short notice. Armed with the correct information, doctors can make informed decisions and execute procedures the right way in one attempt.

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Fundamentally, a C-Arm comprises an X-ray machine, an image enhancer, and an image viewer. The design and shape of this device facilitate easy movement up, down, and sideways. A C-Arm allows for an X-Ray image from any angle. C-ArmNow rents out these devices for diverse uses and has highly sophisticated software installed. C-Arms are useful systems that find application in both diagnosis and complex surgical procedures. The systems are safe because they emit very low levels of radiation.

Ever since its introduction in 1955, C-Arm technology has contributed to the development of vascular medicine. The easy maneuverability of these devices allows for quick and precise imaging in hospitals and operation theaters, where real-time imaging allows for timely and appropriate decisions. C-Arms have contributed immeasurably in improving patient outcomes, minimizing the need for further surgery, and enabling hospitals to save time and money.

C-Arms with 12” image intensifiers available with C-ArmNow are preferred for vascular and neurology procedures. Customers can select from models by GE, Siemens, and Philips. A 12” image intensifier allows for a larger view that enables procedures on larger body parts. Other factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate C-Arm for a medical facility include generator capacity, image storage, image subtraction, and road maps.”

About the Company:

C-ArmNow rents out C-Arm devices for emergency and regular use. It operates out of West Valley City, UT and ships to all parts of the United States. Facilities can choose from regular and mini C-Arms for vascular and non-vascular procedures. Rental plans can be customized to suit the medical facility’s requirements.

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