Spirituality Based Entrepreneurship by Business Coach Genie Lang Helps Women Successfully Run Full-Time Businesses

July 23 16:06 2021
Genie Lang Coaching provides spiritual coaching to enable interested women entrepreneurs to break free of the aspects that hold them back from running a successful business and achieving financial freedom. The proprietor, Genie Lang, combines spiritual wisdom and practical advice for a fulfilling life.

According to announcements released by Genie Lang Coaching and Genie Lang, the business coaching provided here melds business concepts and spirituality to foster entrepreneurship primarily in women that desire to strike out on their own and leave behind the stresses of corporate life.  

Genie Lang combines spiritual wisdom and practical advice. She is a psychic and empath and has decades of experience in the corporate world. Her qualifications and abilities allow her to provide a level of counseling that other spiritual practitioners cannot. Genie Lang Coaching connects with clients at a deeper level to understand the stumbling blocks and bottlenecks holding them back and providing actionable solutions. 

Women over 30 who wish to start a business and are inclined towards spirituality can gain the most from the services offered by Genie Lang Coaching. Many psychics, healers, and spiritual teachers have set up profitable businesses by communing with their inner selves while understanding the dynamics of their chosen business. 

Genie Lang guides her clients in running a business ethically and in a manner that is aligned with their values and principles. She stresses working with a clear conscience and teaches that it is possible to make a real income. 

Interested people can schedule an initial call to obtain the answers they seek, and if they want to, they can benefit from private business coaching. The business’s Facebook group is a free forum for like-minded people to share thoughts, experiences, and grow. 

For more information, go to https://www.genielang.com/

Genie Lang of Genie Lang Coaching said, “I spent years trying to climb the corporate ladder. As my HR career progressed, I spent more and more time coaching executives. After a while, I noticed a disturbing trend–most of them were utterly miserable. Sure, they made great money, but they felt completely trapped by their careers. They worked insane hours, faced immense pressure, and were completely unfulfilled by their work.

Eventually, I had to ask myself why I wanted to be one of them so badly. I realized that what I was seeking was freedom – freedom to do the type of work I wanted to do, freedom to set my hours and work from anywhere, freedom to be me, without hiding my witchy woo-woo side. The only thing they had that I wanted was the six-figure income.

I knew there had to be another way, and I set out to discover it. First, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Then I had to figure out how actually to create and run my own business. Years of spiritual development and business training later, I finally put it all together. And now I help people just like me finally find their freedom and say goodbye to corporate life.

A lifelong knowledge-seeker, I am a student of all things spiritual, including Hermetics, Abraham Hicks, and modern psychology. I am an ordained Shamanic High Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine through my mentor, Teri Crow Barnet.”

About the Coach:

Genie Lang Coaching provides spiritual coaching for entrepreneurs. The learning is based on a foundation of real-world applicability, and the sound tenets can be put into practice. Genie Lang has helped men and women get out of the corporate rat race and still make money doing what they love.

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