EQ Marketing Method, a new e-book on how to build a social media strategy through engaging content, to hit the market on June 20

June 20 17:21 2021

A new book providing an ultimate guide to leverage social media assets to boost business is out to take digital stores by storm on June 20. 

Kristof Pentek, author of the e-book “EQ Marketing Method,” works with entrepreneurs in the education and coaching/consulting industries that are growing their businesses with social media. 

“After seven years of entrepreneurship, I have been there and done that. I did affiliate marketing, e-commerce, print on demand. After discovering what makes people follow you, engage with you and buy from you, I have worked in an agency and helped many entrepreneurs with their social media marketing,” Kristof said in an interview.

The e-book unveils three key steps to make social media content bring dream customers into the online business with less active work.

The first step is building a “personal brand triangle,” where readers find out what will make people follow them and engage with their content.

“As social media becomes more competitive, having a personal brand has become more crucial. The first step is by far the most important one because you can have the best content in the world, but if no one notices it, then it won’t have any impact,” says Kristof. 

The second step involves creating an “emotional content strategy,” where individuals learn how to get real attention on social media, find the patterns that make people share and like their content and start using the patterns that create emotional engagement.

The third step talks about becoming an entrepreneur, not a publisher. In this part, Kristof tackles the ultimate method for generating consistent and engaging social media content, which he called the 8+8+8+8 method.

“Now you have your content strategy, but how do you keep up with the relentless demand for share-worthy, clickable, engaging content? Do you consistently have a full pipeline of shareable content for every channel you operate? How do you make time to generate new content consistently? All these questions will be answered in the third step,” says Kristof.  

Kristof’s strategies have helped online store owners, real estate agents, course sellers, multi-level marketing agents, affiliate marketers, and even a pastor.

“The thing is, a pastor of a small church from Cleveland, Georgia, has reached out to me because he needed to reach more people with their Facebook page during quarantine,” Kristof narrates.

Kristof said he and the pastor started work by creating videos based on his book, “EQ Marketing Method.” The pastor has provided Kristof with the videos, and the latter did the rest. 

“In just a month, not only did they reached over 5,000 people in their local area, but a bigger church reached out to them with a merging offer,” Kristof stressed. 

If the EQ Marketing Method did this to a small church, businesses grappling with social media would be able to become authorities of their brand with this helpful guide. 

Online course sellers, coaches, affiliate marketers, and influencers looking to get a copy of the book and start building a successful social media strategy around high quality and engaging content can order the ebook now for just $5.

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