Personality Path introduces free Enneagram Test to help people discover who they really are

June 08 07:48 2021

Personality Path has unveiled its free Enneagram test, a helpful tool for self-transformation for millions of people.

“There are reasons why people behave the way they do. Having a method to put those reasons into a clearer system will give you the chance to grow your empathy and compassion for people,” said Gregor Schneider, founder of Personality Path.

Gregor said this personality test is based on the Enneagram personality typology. The Enneagram is an amazing tool to help people understand themselves and others better. 

The Enneagram assumes that the human personality expresses itself in nine basic ways. The test will give them a first hint towards which of the 9 Enneagram personalities fits them best.

“You could call them nine lenses, nine patterns, nine strategies, from which every person picks up one as their dominant perspective. This, then, becomes your basic personality type,” Gregor explained.

Those who want to start their self-discovery may visit the Personality Path website to get started. The Enneagram test is free and does not require any email address.

Personality Path has built the first fully dynamic Enneagram test that significantly reduces the number of questions while still being as accurate as possible. 

“Depending on your answers, you will answer between 45 to 93 questions. Which is, on average, between 30%-50% faster than other comparable Enneagram tests you find online,” Gregor said.

After taking the Enneagram test, individuals will get their detailed test results with percentages that give them the likelihood of each of the nine personality types.

The results provide a comprehensive overview of their most likely Enneagram type and an option to unlock the Premium Profile of their most likely type to discover their personality in full detail. 

On a less material level, people get to discover the unique perspective of how they see the world and begin to better understand why they think, feel, and behave the way they do.

“Our dream is that every person gets the chance to discover who they really are and become their healthiest self,” Gregor stressed. 

Users can also explore all Enneagram personality type descriptions. Each of the nine Enneagram types has its own unique worldview and motivation. They can read detailed descriptions by clicking on any of the types on the site.

To learn more about the Enneagram, follow Personality Path’s Instagram page for more helpful guides and inspiring stories about self-discovery and growth. 

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