How to freeze the Facebook number? How can Facebook users avoid being verified and blocked?

March 03 12:22 2021

Now Facebook is paying more and more attention to user experience. With billions of users, FB no longer cares about how many new users are registered, but more about user experience, user retention and other issues. As a result, all kinds of policies tend to improve the user experience. The previous practice is to destroy the user experience of Facebook. Therefore, if the following platform risk control settings are triggered, there will be verification and blocking.

First, IP is not fixed. Because the current wall climbing software is not fixed, many small partners may slow down the network after they register their Facebook account, and then switch to other lines. This practice will do great harm to the new account, which will be judged as abnormal login by Facebook, and even lead to blocking.

Secondly, the operation behavior is abnormal. The operation behavior after registering the account can easily become the reason why you are blocked. For example, illegal advertising. There are two cases, one is a new account, the other is an old one. The new account will open an advertising account, which is easy to be blocked. After creating an advertising account for a period of time, running imitation cards, publishing false advertisements and other operations will lead to the closure of the account.

Others, including publishing illegal content, using “black technology” tools, and viruses, may lead to Facebook being blocked.

How can we avoid such a situation? Cards98 scientific number keeping process is as follows, pay attention to the following points can avoid the problem of verification and seal.

1. Independent and clean IP: Facebook will have IP connection, and the re registration of previously blocked IP will have associated risk. Therefore, independent, clean and stable IP is the primary condition. Clear the cookie before login to avoid the impact of account seal on other accounts.

2. Real face portrait: the most common appearance of FB verification is portrait verification. If you upload pets, landscapes and cartoon avatars, there will be no solution. FB users must be human. FB now has face recognition function. Stealing other people’s photos will only greatly increase the risk of account. So we should pay attention to this.

3. Improve personal information: FB is a social platform that emphasizes the nature of social interaction. Improving personal information helps to improve the weight of accounts, as well as the subsequent marketing and authenticity.

Avoid random operation: This is the most common mistake for novices, such as adding friends, adding groups, sending advertisements in private messages, etc. This will soon trigger validation and restriction. The concept of keeping number is the most basic knowledge of FB marketing.

Finally, let’s talk about account unsealing. After all, no matter how you raise the number, you will inevitably encounter the situation of verification or seal. So it is necessary to record the information of each account in advance. Put the trumpet in order. If the account number is verified or sealed, try to find a way to get it back. Let’s remember that the feature of FB account purchase is that the more solution, the more durable it is. The account number returned through the ID card is the old one with real name. Don’t be too anxious when you encounter the title. After all, this is also the best chance for you to obtain the real name number. After unsealing, your old Facebook number will be your best marketing number!

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