Ammbr Deployed by Tier One on Samal Island

June 21 12:08 2019
Ammbr Deployed by Tier One on Samal Island
After nearly a year of planning, TierOne Communications Consortium begins deployment of Ammbr decentralized mesh network in the Philippines. The first Ammbr mesh routers were activated on June 12th, 2019 on the Island of Samal, off Mindanao, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago.

Davao City, Philippines – June 20, 2019 – TierOne Communications is pleased to announce the launch of its broadband initiative on Samal Island, together with its consortium partners, Ammbrtech and Energywise.

Samal Island is home to roughly 120,000 Filipinos, and Mindanao has a population of 24 million. The Philippines has a total population of 105 million. Outside the cities, Mindanao, like Samal Island, has very weak or no Internet connectivity. The Tier One Consortium was formed by Tier One Communications specifically to bring quality broadband connectivity to the wider Mindanao under the Dot Mobile brand. The Samal Island deployment is the first phase of this larger mission.

TierOne is putting in place a primary backbone consisting of fiber and high-capacity radio carrier, which then breaks out into a mesh network operated largely by franchisees in the communities. These franchisees are equipped, not only with Ammbr Blockchain powered mesh routers, but also with fully powered Sari-Sari stores where a variety of goods and services can be stocked and supplied. These autonomous “business in a box” franchises are part of a strategy to generate and retain income in the communities, thereby improving the economic viability of the communities over time.

“TierOne is completely in sync with our own thinking and strategy for connecting the unconnected, and the ensuing transformational initiatives the Internet brings. With an estimated 43% of the planet’s population not yet having Internet, Ammbr was designed to overcome the constraints that have led to this situation, and TierOne is exactly the partner we need in the Philippines,” says Derick Smith, CEO of Ammbrtech.

Electrical power to Samal Island is generated by diesel generators, and is therefore not reliable, and costly. TierOne is therefore deploying decentralized solar micro-grid power to complement and support the decentralized telecom network. Additional power can be used to drive DC power appliances, also distributed via the network of Dot Mobile franchisees. Another consortium partner, Energywise, adds extensive experience in solar and battery power deployments.

“Having lived in the Philippines for many years, I was acutely aware of the lack of services, across the spectrum, in areas outside the big cities,” says Jonathon Bentley Stevens, CEO of TierOne. “I formed TierOne with my partner, Simon Fjell, knowing that the time has come for revolutionary technologies that can turn the situation around. Today we are fulfilling on that mission.”

The cornerstone client of the network is the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), which will be able to deploy telemedicine solutions as a result of the robust network. Currently health services at the local state-run hospital are overloaded, with patients having to travel long distances, and waiting many hours to be seen. That will change with a better equipped network of 5,000 health stations linked to the hospitals by the new network. Drugs that require cooling, like rabies vaccines and snakebite serums, can now be held at nursing stations thanks to refrigeration powered by the solar grids.

About TierOne Communications:

TierOne is a Communications and Connectivity Ecosystem dedicated to delivering broadband-based products and services, with particular focus on the under-served and un-served markets. In the Philippines.

TierOne partnered with the industry’s top vendors and service providers locally and abroad, to hasten and improve the quality of connectivity available in the area. Its present roadmap is focused on rolling out a quality broadband network nationwide. Following this, they are intent on locally producing IT devices, and on deploying applications and content across the network.

About Ammbrtech:

AmmbrTech, Inc. is a developer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of telecommunications and edge computing technologies. The company deploys decentralized telecommunications and cloud solutions in a number of countries, targeting rural and underserved communities.

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About Energywise (Dot Energy):

Energywise comprises a team of passionate energy professionals with a deep regard for the environment and natural world. They deliver financially attractive energy saving and renewable energy solutions to inspire sustainability, where all parties win. They have assembled a Philippines based team that has experience in renewable energy projects from household size right up to micro-grids supplying townships. They have also partnered in the design and manufacture of renewable power systems for telco towers and a range of solar products for the home including solar fridges and also solar water pumps for farms.

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