American Law Bureau Announces The Launch Of The First Legal Settlement App – Settleit

February 15 22:42 2023

The American Law Bureau announces the launch of Settleit, the first app to assist in settling financial disputes. Offered as a free service to US citizens, the app helps quickly and equitably resolve disputes involving payments such as personal injury, slip and fall, and cash collections.

According to the Bureau, less than 20% of disputes end in court, with the majority being decided in a pre-trial settlement. With 40 million cases annually, the court system would become overwhelmed if every lawsuit was fought in court. This makes reaching a settlement outside of the courtroom a necessity.

Settleit alleviates the strain on the court system and provides disputing parties with the opportunity to reach a speedy resolution, reducing the emotional and financial stress often associated with court cases. The app is available for both Android and iPhone and is recommended as a first step for those with financial disputes. It also connects users to lawyers for free as part of the process.

Settlement offers expire within 24 hours, encouraging both parties to come to a resolution quickly and reducing financial and emotional stress. The app is designed to give every US citizen a voice, regardless of their means, and help resolve legitimate disputes quickly and equitably.

“Our courts are overburdened and litigation is expensive. Digitalizing the settlement process benefits all stakeholders involved,” explains a representative from the Bureau. “There are many legitimate cases that never see closure, and there are also people that cannot afford to go to court and never have the opportunity to address injustices. This app is designed to address this issue and give every US citizen a voice.”

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