“Bringing Your Lost Soul Home” by Colleen Johnson

February 15 17:22 2023

Everyone craves the essence of home. To feel loved, accepted, significant, and secure. The problem is that our physical homes don’t always feel that way. There is often strife, dissatisfaction, and worry instead. The same can be said about our souls. In our inner selves, we find strife, fear, and discontent that lead to emotional wounds and spiritual struggles. As a result, our souls get lost and crave the essence of home again. The truth is that our souls need Jesus, the Author of the home, to find that essence we crave. Only Jesus is the place our soul belongs.

Colleen Johnson dedicated this book, Finding Home, to her husband, Doug, whose love guided her in discovering the true meaning of home. He accepts her in her uniqueness so that Colleen feels significant to him every day and, most importantly, lets her know that she is secure with him and can be the woman God had created her to be. Doug is one of the blessings God gave to help heal her hurting soul.

Many people live without understanding the tremendous reason God created us with souls. Yet, our soul is a vital element that animates our lives and is the eternal part of us. Colleen writes in her book that once people have a healthy soul, they become people who show the love of Jesus to the people around them. As people experience forgiveness, they can forgive people. As they feel hope, they give hope. While hurt people will hurt people, healed people will heal people. As we love people like Jesus, their perspectives can be altered, and their hearts are softened toward God by our example of love.

Colleen talks about finding a home for your soul with Jesus. She writes that you can either stay where you are, emotionally and spiritually homeless, or you can discover the place where your soul belongs. Starting today, your soul can be the eternal home where Jesus dwells. Even before you reach heaven, you can begin to live an abundant life with Jesus, who gives you significance, acceptance, and security in his love. Without Jesus, everything else you allow to permeate your soul merely creates a barrier leading to the miserable feeling of homelessness of the soul.

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