ALL NEW SEMI Expands Product Line to Include BOM Distribution and Integrated Circuit ICs

February 15 14:28 2023

ALL NEW SEMI: Your One-Stop Shop for Electronic Components and Integrated Circuits

It is looking all good for customers of ALL NEW SEMI and other users of electronic components as the company has again added to its range of products. ALL NEW SEMI remains the go-to store for electronic components, offering an all-inclusive platform to meet the diverse needs of customers. In a related development, ALL NEW SEMI has upgraded its inventory of integrated circuit IC and BOM.

The global multi-billion-dollar electronic components market continues to grow and evolve, as manufacturers emerge to deliver products to manufacturers of electrical products. However, the difficulty in getting quality electronic components remains a headache for manufacturers with many of the suppliers often charging exorbitantly or failing to address the concerns of clients in terms of comprehensiveness. Consequently, ALL NEW SEMI is gradually changing this narrative by constantly upgrading its inventory to include the latest electronic components on the market, all made available at relatively affordable rates without compromising quality.

ALL NEW SEMI Co., otherwise known as ANSC currently has more than 9700 different varieties of integrated circuit IC. The products have their distinct features, with customization options to meet the specific needs of every client.

There is also the BOM distribution that enables customers of ALL NEW SEMI Co. to easily order a specific component by simply uploading the required BOM file or manually entering the model number and the desired amount. It supports different file formats and sizes and can take up to 500 rows. The move is in line with the goal of ensuring the needs of each customer are met with relative ease.

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ALL NEW SEMI Co. is an all-in-one electronic components procurement platform designed to enable intelligent order allocation and facilitate optimal purchase decisions. The platform has a user-friendly interface, with thousands of products across different categories, such as BOM, PCBA, and a host of others.

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