What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To In The Production Of PVC Rigid Sheet

February 15 12:02 2023

PVC rigid sheet is a plastic material, and there are some aspects of knowledge that buyers must pay attention to, especially quality issues.

1. The surface is rough and dull. Three-roller work surface rough or sticky material. The working surface of the three-roller should be cleaned and polished to meet the surface finish requirements. The temperature of the calender roll is low, and the temperature of the three rolls should be appropriately increased. The surface of the die lip is not smooth, and the die lip should be cleaned. The filter is damaged and should be replaced with a new filter.

2. There are horizontal lines on the surface of the PVC sheet. The material is not mixed uniformly, resulting in fluctuations in the extrusion volume. The uniformly mixed material should be replaced, and the process parameters of the extruder should be adjusted to make the material well plasticized and the extrusion volume uniform. The temperature of the barrel fluctuates greatly. The barrel temperature control system should be checked and adjusted to ensure the accuracy of temperature control.

3. The longitudinal thickness deviation of PVC sheet is large. The barrel temperature control is unstable, making the melt flow rate unstable. Barrel temperature should be adjusted to stabilize. The screw speed is unstable, resulting in unstable extrusion. The extruder process parameters should be adjusted to make the extrusion stable. The roll speed of the three-roll calender is unstable, and the speed of the three-roll calender should be adjusted.

4. The lateral thickness is uneven. The design of the forming die is unreasonable, and the flow of the broken material is not uniform. The die should be modified to make the die discharge uniform. Die lip gap adjustment is unreasonable, and the gap is uneven. The gap in the middle should be slightly smaller than the gap on both sides. The deviation of the three-roll gap of the three-roll calender is large, and the three-roll gap should be uniform.If you have other product needs, you can check the product center for a suitable one for you.

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