eCom Rocket soaring to great financial and revenues under CEO Thomas Fenwick

February 15 03:57 2023

Bellevue, Washington – February 14, 2023 – eComRocket can turn a high-end client’s ecommerce store into an all-inclusive, 100 percent hands-off, and done-for-you iPhone (IOS) app in about 42 days. In a short time, the company has already achieved seven figures and is well on its way to reaching multiple seven figures in 2023.

Established in October 2021, eComRocket was founded by Thomas Fenwick, age 27 is also the CEO. He began the company with three people. The team has now grown to 12, and the revenues keep climbing with eCom Rocket’s unique business model. In 2021, it earned the coveted Two Comma Club Award and marketers of the year from ClickFunnels. The Two Comma Award is given only to the top one percent of ClickFunnel earners. 

“Our business is focused on individuals who don’t have the time to follow a course, launch or manage their own ecommerce stores,” Fenwick said. “We work with mostly business professionals, doctors and lawyers, who want to supplement their income, or desire to have a working asset to pay down to their children.”  

At 20, Fenwick began his entrepreneurial pursuits in 2016 out of his dorm room at Washington State University. He sold fidget spinners and gadgets at the height of the rage, and he made his first six figure income within a few months after launching his business.  

“To the surprise of my professors, I started making more than them,” Fenwick said. “I decided college wasn’t the route for me, but that entrepreneurship was.” 

His first mentor was one of his close college professors in business. Fenwick joined a networking group and found his next mentor when his fidget spinner business slowed down. He learned how to turn his Shopify store into an IOS app. In addition, he learned how to get phone alert subscribers and how to pitch products.

After that, armed with knowledge and drive to succeed, Fenwick launched an IOS app for women’s beauty products. With investors and successful branding, the app produced almost $17 million in revenue in one year. Then, a company in China offered to buy the company, and Fenwick sold it. 

Between 2017 and 2018, Fenwick launched his “learn-how-to” online class to teach others how to convert an ecommerce store into an IOS app. After 2 ½ years, the online program proved highly successful, with over 1000 students who paid $997 to take the class. As a result, the lessons received over 200 personal testimonials of their value to its students and customers. 

“I’m a firm believer that you have to have skin in the game to see results,” Fenwick added. “This strategy works, my mentor always told me. A shortcut in business is often a detour in the long run. So, we always aimed to do everything right the first time and to give our students the right foundation.”

In 2021, Fenwick shut down the online training program and launched eComRocket. The company desires to partner with businesses with a net worth of $50,000 or more in liquid assets. For a 70/30 split and an upfront starter fee of $19,997, eComRocket will build, manage, and grow a company’s ecommerce store. After that, 70 percent goes to the client. 

Upon completing an iPhone app, eCom Rocket’s advertising team will work and create Instagram and TikTok ads to attract buyers to install the client’s app. Then, when buyers subscribe to the free app, eCom Rocket will pitch personalized products. 

Schedule a meeting with Fenwick and his eCom Rocket team today by visiting Their success is their clientele’s success. High-end business owners wear many hats, sometimes too many. So let eComRocket wear a hat and be your Chief Sales Officer.

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