Cycore Secure leads the charge in providing affordable vCISO subscription services for small businesses

February 14 20:46 2023
As cyber risk continues to pose a global threat to firms, including small businesses, urgent security measures are in need to protect them from cyberattacks. Cycore Secure leads the way in helping small businesses and startups address this.

Small businesses are not spared from cyberattacks, which are notable for their rising frequency and sophistication. According to Cycore Secure, an industry leader based in the United States, there is an unequivocal need for virtual chief information security officers (vCISO) in the small business and startup space.

“Just like their in-house counterparts, Virtual CISOs have been highly sought after as they bring an immense understanding of cybersecurity strategy,  industry expertise, as well as the skills required for today’s security and data privacy ever-changing landscape. Cycore Secure comes into the scene fully equipped to make an impact in this space,” says Kevin Barona, Founder and CEO of Cycore Secure.

Cycore Secure delivers high-quality cybersecurity services at reasonable prices to small businesses and startups. It offers a cost-effective Fractional CISO subscription service, where its team of security advisors collaborates with clients to perform a cyber risk assessment, identify pressing gaps, establish a roadmap to implement security controls, and develop a  cybersecurity program that would reduce their operational and business risk in the long-run.

Founder and CEO of Cycore Secure

In addition, Cycore Secure offers additional services to support small businesses and startups in meeting their cybersecurity objectives. Third-party risk management, yearly cybersecurity risk assessments, and cybersecurity compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST and CMMC are all common services that are requested in the SMB space.

Nancy P., a small business owner, commended the team for offering reliable Virtual CISO services to meet compliance goals. 

“Great work and quick response time. Always professional and answered any and all questions that came up,” Nancy wrote in a review.

Cycore Secure offers plans that provide quality security guidance no matter the budget. For example, Lite serves as an excellent choice for SMBs seeking a risk assessment and roadmap and prefer to execute remediation in-house. At $1595+/month, this plan includes a full security program assessment, a report with gap analysis, an implementation roadmap, and five hours of monthly support to meet cybersecurity objectives.

Cycore Secure provides a customized proposal that will detail how its team of cybersecurity advisors can help. Its team discusses with clients what level of service and fixed pricing will work best for them.

Javier F., an IT manager of a small business, lauded the Cycore Secure team for its professionalism and expertise in small business cybersecurity.

“They are extremely professional and available anytime I have some questions. Kevin is an amazing security professional. I’m just happy to have you guys helping me with my first company’s journey,” wrote Javier.

Small businesses and startups looking for affordable vCISO services may visit or request a complimentary 30-minute phone or video chat with the team to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Cycore Secure may check out its social channels for more information.

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