Exploring the Human Side of Product Management with Parv and Alex: The Launch of Trying to Product Podcast

February 14 20:08 2023
Parv and Alex, launch a new podcast, titled “Trying to Product”, hoping to talk about the ups and downs of product management through conversations on a variety of topics within the field.

Parv and Alex, two experienced product managers, recently launched their new podcast, “Trying to Product“. This groundbreaking podcast will provide an in-depth look at the human side of product management and help early to mid-career tech professionals in the product development industry.

“Product management is not just about making decisions and executing on a strategy, it’s also about the people behind the process,” said Parv, co-host of Trying to Product. “Our podcast will explore the challenges and triumphs that product managers face on a daily basis, and provide valuable insights for those who are looking to improve their skills.”

“We are excited to launch this podcast and provide a platform for discussion and education on product management,” said Parv. “Product management is a critical function in the development of any product, and our goal is to share our experience and knowledge with others in the industry.”

Trying to Product will cover a range of topics, including the emotional challenges of product management, the impact of technology on product teams, and the role of empathy in the product development process. The show will feature conversations, interviews with experts in the field, as well as discussions with product managers who have faced and overcome challenges in their careers.

“Product management is a complex and multi-faceted field, and it’s important for professionals to understand all aspects of the job,” said Alex, co-host of Trying to Product. “Our podcast will provide a unique perspective on the human side of product management, and offer practical advice for those who are looking to advance their careers.”

Trying to Product will be available for free on popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other popular streaming platforms. New episodes will be released every week, and listeners can subscribe to receive notifications when new episodes become available.

“We believe that product management is an important and rewarding field, and our podcast will provide a valuable resource for those who are looking to improve their skills and knowledge,” said Parv and Alex.

For more information on Trying to Product, visit the podcast website at https://www.tryingtoproduct.com/.

About Parv and Alex:

Parv and Alex are two experienced product managers who have worked in the tech industry for many years. With a passion for product management and a desire to share their knowledge and insights with others, they have launched Trying to Product, a podcast dedicated to exploring the human side of product management and helping early to mid-career tech professionals in the product development industry.

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