Lkh Wealth Academy Emerges as a Leading Provider of Wealth Management Education

February 14 12:54 2023

Lkh Wealth Academy is excited to introduce itself as a top provider of investment training and estate planning services. The Academy is committed to imparting students and partners with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve their financial goals.

With a practical, hands-on approach to learning and extensive industry experience, Lkh Wealth Academy offers comprehensive coverage of wealth management, including share investing, ETF/funds investing, and estate planning.

Courses are designed for individuals at all levels of investment experience, from beginners to seasoned investors, and tailored to provide a personalized investment plan to meet each student’s financial goals. By mastering the Lkh Value Trend Investing method, students are equipped to seize investment opportunities and mitigate potential risks in the market.

Lkh Wealth Academy has a vision of creating a financial freedom community and believes that financial freedom is within reach for all with the right knowledge and skills. The Academy’s mission is to assist students and partners in mastering the Lkh Value Trend Investing method and supporting them on their estate planning journey.

In addition to training sessions, students are encouraged to connect with the Academy through telegram support groups, where they can ask questions and engage in discussions with peers.

Whether you are just starting your investment journey or seeking to improve your financial outcomes, Lkh Wealth Academy is here to support you. Take the first step towards financial freedom and join us today.

Lee Kian Hong, the founder of Lkh Wealth Academy, holds a degree from the UM Mechanical Engineering faculty and has over 18 years of experience in the financial industry, including insurance, fund management, venture capital, estate planning, and investment training. He established the Lkh Wealth Academy in year 2019 and his Lkh Value Trend Investing method has been helping students identify investment opportunities and potential risks during different economic cycles.

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