XCPinata Launches Non-Derivative Art Collection Stored Permanently Within the Bitcoin Blockchain, Sparking the Next Big Thing in Digital Art

February 14 00:12 2023

The artist known as XCPinata has created the first non-derivative art collection permanently stored within the bitcoin blockchain. It is a secure and immutable way of storing and sharing art for collectors. Using Ordinals, a method to track individual fractions of bitcoin, XCPinata has done what’s called “inscribing” and digitally etched his art portfolio within the tech of the blockchain itself.

Unlike traditional NFTs this method stores all the image data permanently within the code of the blockchain itself, and with Bitcoin being the most secure blockchain artists are paying attention to this for its permanence of their works and collectors are beginning to flock over to what just might be the next big thing. Digital artifacts on Bitcoin.

Starting February 14th XCPinata has a 48 hour auction launching onScarce City ( https://scarce.city/auctions/lil-t-vs-the-wave ) where the very first piece in his Ordinals collection ( https://ordinalsdirectory.com/xcpinata/ ) will be auctioned off for the very first time. At the time of this article it’s worth noting that pieces from the XCPinata collection have already reached an all time high of .9 bitcoin (approximately $20,000) in only a short few days after they launched. 

The speculation has brought about the idea that XCPinata might be the next Beeple, a famous artist that used the Ethereum blockchain to sell works for up to $69 million in 2021. The interesting note here is that XCPinata has been creating art on the blockchain since 2014 while Beeple only began working in blockchain more recently. 

Anyone interested in communicating with XCPinata can do so by visiting the discord channel through the following link: https://discord.gg/NdXNG9Gd.

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