The new single “Finally” by Prettyboytheartist, has been released.

February 13 22:45 2023

Prettyboy’s massive old-school vocal range and distinct organic storytelling have allowed him that unanimous acclaim; his songs radiate that strong magnetic pull supplemented with those raw, seductive, and soulful manly vocals that are harmoniously blended atop nostalgic R&B melodies. Ever since he got into the limelight following his incredibly performed cover songs of some of his favorite artists, Prettyboy has continuously showcased that he has got that keen ear for songwriting and production.

The single “Finally” feels like deja vu, really; it’s that kind of tune that you feel like you’ve listened to before but you really can’t quite wrap your head around it. Very positive and upbeat and designed to lift any mood and inspire, there is that luxurious feel around it that wraps itself around a listener and refuses to let go.

With a very contemporary and retro vibe seamlessly blended with a certain clubby feeling, this R&B ballad is flavored with some prolific instrumentation along with Prettyboy’s sweet-talking and velvety male vocals and stunning backing harmonies that pull listeners in wanting more.

“Finally” picks up in the chorus with epic rhythm sounds delivering a hypnotic beat along with a steady bassline; stunningly performed, exquisitely produced, and lovingly arranged, what more does a listener want!

It is just have to admire Prettyboy’s forte to amalgamate the old school and futuristic sound to create music closer to home. Apart from its obvious engrossing features, “Finally” has a deeply impactful message at its core about the fortitude, mental strength, and tremendous strength to keep going even in the face of great adversities.

“Finally” is set to allow Prettyboy to break new ground as one of the hottest upcoming artists in the R&B scene, whose force cannot be contained.

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